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The paper "Transnational Advertising - MengNui Bring the Purity Back" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment.   The local Chinese brand that has been selected in this assignment is MengNiu. MengNiu group is the company that is producing MagniNiu brand and is one of the leading dairy farms in the whole of China. The company was established in August 1999 and it is headquartered in Hohhot city (Cai, 2015). The Company’ s asset is about 141 billion Yuan and it has the capacity to produce about 6 million tons a year. The company produces dairy products like liquid and powdered milk, yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese under MengNiu brand.

The company’ s main objective is to provide high-quality dairy products to improve the health of customers (Cai, 2015). The company aims to be one of the outstanding international dairy companies based in China through its brand known as MengNiu. One of MengNiu adverts that have helped in building the brand is “ MengNui Bring the Purity Back. ” The advertisement is aimed at countering the challenges that the food industry has faced in China lately. The Chinese food industry has been faced by food scandals that have negatively impacted the industry (Cai, 2015).

The company, therefore, wanted to promote the purity of its products and to assure dairy consumers that its products are pure. The Brand Potential The main potential for the company is the increasing growth of the dairy industry in China in the last decade. The sales volume of product in China is growing at a relatively stable rate of 26.49%, which gives the company the potential to expand its market and production (Fuller et al. , 2006).

Compared to other developed countries in the world, the per capita dairy products consumption rate in China is still lower. However, the rate is expected to increase due to the increasing number of middle-income earners in China as the Chinese economy is growing. The company, therefore, has the potential to increase its market share by perfecting its operation efficiency. In addition, the company also has the potential of expanding to international markets like South Asia, Russia, and Japan. Personality of MengNiu MengNiu dairy products are known to be promoting better quality life to all its customers and the society in general.

The products are tailor-made to create a quality life for consumers by providing them with natural, nutritious, and green milk products (Cai, 2015). MengNiu intends to create a quality life to all its customers by surpassing the government’ s required protein content of 13.8% to reach 17.1%. The main aim of increasing the protein content to more than 13.8% is the desire of the company to create a higher nutritional value of its products compared to the regular milk in the market (Cai, 2015).

The company is also striving to produce high-end pure milk dairy products for it to gain a competitive advantage in the dairy market, which is characterized by stiff competition. Therefore, customers associate MengNiu brand with taste, high quality, and purity. Question 2: Global Branding Strategy MengNiu global brandings strategy will have five key steps that will ensure that it penetrates the international market. The two international markets that it wants to venture in includes the US and Canada.


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