Essays on Transportation in an Urban Area Report

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The paper "Transportation in an Urban Area" is a great example of a report on management. Leyland is a town located 16 kilometers south of Preston town. This urban center has many accretion and concentration of economic activities and thus it has turned out to have composite spatial arrangements that are supported by s transport systems. In this urban center, the most significant transport problems are present because the urban transport system cannot satisfy many needs of urban mobility. Leyland’ s productivity largely depends on the efficiency of its transport system to convey labor, clients, and freight various origins and destinations.

The most apparent transport terminals in Leyland include ports, bus stations, railway stations, and airports as well and these have obviously contributed a definite collection of problems (Jerome 2007). The most distinguished transport difficulties in Leyland are illustrated below. Leyland has traffic congestion and parking problems. It is normal to see traffic congestion, especially on the roads. This difficulty has occurred because of motorization and the diffusion of the automobile which has seen the rise of the requirement for transport infrastructure within the city.

On the other hand, the supply of infrastructures within the town has repeatedly not managed to sustain the growth of mobility. Given that vehicles spend a lot of time parked, motorization has augmented the need to have parking space which had led to space consumption difficulties more so within Leyland’ s central areas. The spatial imprint of packed vehicles within the Leyland is noteworthy (Jerome 2007). Public transport insufficiency in Leyland is also present. The town has so many public transport systems or some components that have been either overused or underused.

This is because we noted that over the peak hours, there is always crowdedness within the town and this develops discomfort for those using the public transport system as the system tries to deal with a short-term rush of transport demand. Low ridership has resulted into several transport services within the town to be not sustainable financially. Even if Leyland public transport system normally gets important subsidies and cross financing, not all public transport structures have been able to generate enough revenue to cover the operating and capital expenses (Jerome 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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