Essays on Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise - Citizens Gas Company Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise - Citizen’ s Gas Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. This paper seeks to critically examine the relationship between information systems and business strategies. Of particular focus will be the continuous evolution of the former with the passage of time. The study will seek to align Citizen’ s Gas Company business strategy in line with the existing information systems – consequently, the author will aim at establishing clearly the link between the two by discussing, in detail, the different aspects involved.

Moreover, the common forms of business information systems will be highlighted together with the associated interrelationship. Further, the research will venture into the central role played by the business information systems with regard to the attainment of strategic goals. Though the different sections will be devoted to certain aspects of business information systems like management of customer relationship, planning of enterprise resources, and the strategic making of business decisions, it should be born in mind that such systems need to work in tandem with each other for any business organization to meet its strategic business targets even in the face of stiff competition.

The research paper will come in handy especially among business unit managers who wish to craft and execute new business strategies by way of data modeling. Introduction Organizations have been known to primarily utilize a wide range of information systems in running their day to day business operations. According to Devero (2007), such systems are basically transactional and majorly focus on the flow of data items with regard to the fundamental business processes like purchasing and supplies as well as delivery of orders.

Oftentimes, such data items are rolled up and incorporated into top-level decision making support systems for firms to better understand the running of their organizations. In order to realize this, it is the duty of the various organizations to tightly integrate the business transaction platforms across the whole enterprises involved.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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