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Event Planning For Travel. Co Introduction and Content Travel. Co is a multinational company that has had numerous milestones over the last couple of years. The company is known to be a leader in the operation of travel agencies. Due to this, it has managed to accrue a number of other agencies of similar criteria all through Europe. The company in the recent past has had plans of holding an event in which different groups of people are invited. The event has two main purposes; one of them is the reward and commendation of the different managers in different categories in the company due to their achievements in the previous sessions.

Another reason as to why the event is being organized is so as to put the managers and the leaders of the company in a common room where they could exchange ideas with the intent of setting targets for the upcoming season. For the optimization of the event, there should be a set theme for the event. The theme of the event should be something inspiring such as it should draw attention to the people at the event that the event is just not there for fun but rather to try and optimize the results of the company (Williams, 2007).

I t is due to this that a theme focused on market capitalization be chosen. The destination for the event should be somewhere central where all travel branch managers can avail themselves without fail. Destination Choice The choice of destination as stated is to ensure that all the managers attend the event so as to gain insight on the way to run the agencies and also to receive credit for work well done.

The attendance of all the managers at the central place will also serve to show how corporate the company is. This is due to the fact that without doubt, the managers are bound to arrive at the event using the company’s assets and travel means. This would serve to show how elaborate the company has been as the people would be from different points in Europe. The central place is also important in that it assists in that there will be the holding of a few forums that will educate the people of the locality on the milestones accomplished by the company and thus this will lead to an education influx on the side of the people (Stephen, 2010).

With this, they will most probably change their travel agencies to those of Travel. Co. This will serve as an advantage to the company in that it will be able to receive much more income. Venue Choice As identified, the criterion is supposed to be a central location where all the relevant parties can meet up.

In conducting research of the most appropriate central place to meet, there has been the challenge of choosing the best as there are three most suitable venues. One of the venues was an abandoned trailer park where there was free space to set up tents and all the necessary goods. This could have been a very smart idea due to the fact that the place is abandoned hence there could be the privacy needed at first to have an in depth analysis of the company’s achievements and backdrops in the previous year.

After the analysis it would have been great to invite people for an after party. However, further scrutiny of the idea reveals that the venue is not at all classy for an international company that aims at retaining its market leadership. Another venue that I found most appropriate for the company to hold the event was at a great and respectable hotel in the City. This was applicable due to the fact that it eliminated the barrier of shadiness. The place is elegant with a taste of class and most certainly the managers and the board of the company will be more than glad to hold the party there.

However, the barrier that comes into picture when dealing with the issue is that the Chief Executive Officer of the company did not want the event to be widely advocated for in the press. This is because they would be sure to catch up with the company at the hotel but rather insisted on a private event after which they would get a one on one with the locals. It was after further review of the locality that I have come up with the perfect venue for the event.

It is a beach house for rent that is located 15 kilometers from the airport which is approximately a 10 to 15 minute drive. The beach house is serine with the calmness that would help the managers get off their business attitudes for a while and just relax as they enjoy the breeze on the outside (Woods, 2009). This is important as it would help their minds rejuvenate and moreover, the event was for the celebration of achievements hence fun had to be a major aspect of consideration.

Event Programme In the event planning, one of the major aspects to consider is that of the schedule or in a professional term, the programme for the event. This will be sent out to all the attendants so as to keep them posted on the way the event is going to run and not feel out of the loop. It is predetermined that the visitors will have to use night flights so as to arrive at the destination in time and hence the event is scheduled to begin at around 8 in the morning.

The scheduled time for guest arrival is given the range between 8 and 9 am. After the guests have arrived, they are given around one hour to mingle with each other as they get acquainted ad discuss corporate dealings. At around 11 am, the Master of Ceremony is supposed to take to the stage and officially welcome everybody to the event. After this, he should invite the director of the corporation to the stage which should be around 12 to clearly define the objectives of the event.

This should take approximately 15 minutes and at a quarter past 12, the director should pave way for the Chief Executive Officer of the company to hit the stage and state the achievements of the corporation acknowledge and reward the performance of the respective managers and generate an open discussion of setting targets for the coming year. This should be done by around 3 pm. From 3pm, the event will take a twist from the all corporate mindset to a relaxing mood by having refreshments and snacks.

After that there should be a little more mingling between the attendees and this is scheduled to continue up to around 5 in the evening. From there, dinner will be served to allow the ones taking night flights to do so in time and for those taking morning flights, accommodation is available. Budgeting The budgeting for the event is quite simple as all the bills will be accommodated by the company. The approximate and average fare for all the managers to travel in and out of the destination area is 1500 each.

Since they are 50 managers, the total cost will be 1500 * 50 =75000$. On the side of food and refreshments, the total amount is bound to be around 15000$. The renting of the venue for two days is bound to add up to around 30000$. The rewards that will be awarded to the most competitive managers should add up to around 50000$. The total amount of money bound to be spent in the event is around 200000 $ give or take. The event is expected to be a complete success without any mishaps and this should lead to greater inspiration on the part of the managers and also set some form of challenge for the incompetent managers (Jackson, 2010).

Conclusion and Summary of Main Points The event being a celebratory kind of party should be portrayed in a manner that is most appealing to the company managers. The board members of the company should be sure to appreciate the efforts of the managers. However, while doing this, they should be sure to urge them to work even harder for the optimization of results.

The attendees should be at the provided venue in time in order to avoid inconveniences. When all the plans are well laid out and all factors counted in, the event will be a great success. References Woods, F. (2009). Recreational Management: A Complete Guide. New York: McGraw Hill Publishers. Jackson, D. (2010). Event Organization: The Pros and Cons. London: Oxford University Press. Williams, R. (2007). Organizational Management and Perks. New York: Cengage Learning. Stephen, T. (2010).

Human Resource Management: In depth Review. New York: McGraw Hill Publishers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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