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Trend Analysis and Forecasting Trend Analysis and Forecasting Trend Analysis and Forecasting Withinany healthcare profession, there are fundamental shifts that necessitate changes to occur in the provision of care to patients. These shifts occur in different perspectives, including; technological advancements, changing patient population and current events occurring within the society. These shifts necessitate consideration of pervasive healthcare trends in both internal and external environment with regard to patient and service providers as well. Demographic shift especially regarding the increase of geriatric patients, as a result of ageing population, is a fundamental issue for concern.

This requires the healthcare providers to equip their employees with the necessary skills to provide specialized care to this group of patients (Weiss, 2010). Preventive care is another trend that should be focused upon in seeking to ensure comprehensiveness of the care provided. Understanding deviations that are occurring in the healthcare environment could be essential to the implementation of preventive care as the healthcare providers can easily forecast on events and occurrences. The provision of healthcare insurance to the elderly individuals is also a major concern since the cost of healthcare is a fundamental issue which people consider when seeking healthcare services.

Increasing insurance access could be key to ensuring that individuals who have lived without health insurance are able to seek healthcare services (Ursell, 2011). Technological advancements must also be considered within the healthcare setting in seeking to ensure that the best technological methods are adopted. This would improve aspects like accessibility of healthcare information pertaining to the patients as well as nursing education (Peters, 2012). Improvements within these tenets of healthcare can be implemented effectively through the adoption of technology in the healthcare sector. ReferencesPeters, B.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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