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Article “Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing” Source: Multi Channel Merchant. http multichannelmerchant. com/infographics/bridging-gap-online-offline-marketing-0917tpp9/Author and Date: Kelsey Cox. September 17, 2012 This article describes how customers engage with a product based on the type of advertising messages they receive. Cox (2012) highlights that 44% of all engagement with a product occurs through television promotion. Forty one percent is from word-of-mouth, followed by 35% stemming from print advertisement. According to the article, 40% of all purchases that are made online are actually influenced by an offline marketing channel. Of all word-of-mouth, only seven percent of this is generated in online areas.

Realizing this, companies are learning that it is more productive to blend offline and online promotions, not favoring one medium over another. Businesses are creating metrics to measure whether their offline or online advertisements are gaining more ground in building customer brand awareness or to engage in the products. What this means is that television advertising has much more ability to inspire consumers to make a purchase. Cox (2012) again informs the reader that only one percent of all online advertisements actually get clicked on, despite the many advertisers present daily on the Internet and the high amount of expenses paid for online advertisements.

Even though a large volume of diverse consumers have Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts, it does not mean that they are using these to discuss product advertisements. Word-of-mouth seems to be created mostly by offline advertisements, which is surprising considering the widespread growth of social media and mobile Internet communications. Television still seems to be the best way to get customers to engage with the product, still being the most important promotional medium available to marketers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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