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Essays on True Business Value Of Academic Colloboration (foreign Direct Investment)between U.k. And Russia Article

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Appendix: 52AbstractThis paper attempts to provide the fundamentals of academic collaboration between UK and Russian Universities through formation of joint ventures for supporting educational system in Russia. Universities are exclusively placed as they are specifically involved in all such processes because of their primary role in the areas of research and development, education and training of individuals. We have also endeavored to explore the current educational system of Russian education, the strengths and the problems existing in it. The theme of foreign direct investment has been studied and presented along with its contribution in the Russian education system.

The role of UK Universities and their academic collaboration with Russian Universities have been analyzed in depth and the reasons along with benefits of such collaboration have been presented in the paper. Chapter-1 IntroductionIntroductionForeign direct investment is the global movement of capital for particular investment purposes in the scenario when the foreign investor acquires authority and control over the specific investment asset. It emerges when foreign companies are establishing or buying operations in some other country. Foreign direct investment encompasses innovative and new projects, activities of mergers and acquisitions and expansions of current projects.

Foreign investors are mostly attracted by a country’s general business environment, strength of research and development base, availability of skilled and non-skilled labor at cheaper rates, wider range of different cultures in the country, economic and political stability, regulatory and tax regime and softer elements like diverse lifestyle and education system. (Brenton, P. 1998)In this paper we attempt to penetrate the academic collaboration between United Kingdom and Russia, the environment and the education system currently in place, the nature of collaboration and support of both education system to each other and the role of foreign investment for boosting up the activities in education system.

The paper explores the avenues and benefits of foreign direct investment to support the education system by highlighting the true education value of academic collaboration between them. Russia and UK are the valuable and important educational venues in their own right by providing attractive platform to students particularly at university or higher educational level. They provide unrivalled R& D and adaptable and trained, theoretically as well as practically, workforce capabilities to the practical world for the purpose of participating in the outside world activities.

Foreign investment being made in the educational field to form academic collaboration in fact recognizes the significance of functioning in the practical world. Aims of This StudyIdentify true business value of foreign investment of knowledge transfer based academic collaboration in a form of U. K.-Russian Joint Venture. Develop an academic collaboration’s framework to understand U. K . knowledge transfer based modelsFind out the positive economic and financial collaboration that forms the basis of academic collaboration between UK and Russian UniversitiesObjectives of This StudyIdentify the most suitable form of foreign investment for academic collaboration. Identify the most suitable method of knowledge transfer for U. K.-Russian joint venture in Russia. Analysis the business environment for academic collaboration.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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