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The paper 'Staff Selection" is a good example of a human resources assignment. Training is a process that improves the performance of an employee on the employee’ s present duty and prepares them for a future intended job through learning a sequence of programmed behavior while development on the other hand not only improves employee performance but also ensures a positive result in the growth of the personality. Strategic HRD and its importance to the organization Strategic HRDrefers to strategizing the match between HRD with the formulation and implementation of an organization’ s HR policy to align HRD with the predefined objectives and goals.

SHRD is important as it enables an organization to plan for its business and economic changes, technological changes, and socio, legal, and organizational changes. Practical application Leona would train her staff beyond the immediate training requirements through a systematic manner of assessment, training, and evaluation. This strategy of assessment, activity, and evaluation will ensure low-cost training for the organization. More so, the on-the-job training strategy would be the most effective in terms of cost reduction. Tutorial Activity 2: Peer Review Activity Tutorial activity 3: In most organizations, the percentage of physically challenged individuals and gender variance is quite outspoken.

It is also worth noting that different employees come from different cultural backgrounds. It is therefore common knowledge some sports activities do not include the physically challenged, the minority gender, and some may not be in accordance with various cultural activities. In this case, those individuals left out in the sports may feel discriminated and therefore not part of the team. Sometimes, employees can carry rivalries arising from sports to workplaces while at the same time the morale of the losing team may be very low. Employee recognition programs are useful in acknowledging exceptional employee productivity and dedication towards the achievement of set goals and objectives.

This improves employee’ s morale and dedication to work.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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