Essays on Strategic Marketing: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Marketing: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. The corporate appraisal can be briefly described as an assessment of both the strengths and weaknesses of a business organization to review its readiness to interact with its external environment in which it operates successfully. This will help come up with an appraisal report that will give results of the assessment with various recommendations on how the business organization can go about this. A business organization is supposed to undertake corporate appraisal after every financial year when all the financial performance records and statements have been prepared.

Therefore, the corporate appraisal report is supposed to reflect on the business performance as per that particular ended year. There are various arguments for and against the undertaking of the yearly corporate appraisal. It has been argued that carrying out yearly corporate appraisal helps the business organization to develop a better understanding of its clients in terms of what they have done in the past and what they are currently doing. It also helps establish the reasons why the clients may have performed to the present level and why not better.

It establishes how they can perform better than the way they have done including their readiness to perform better. Finally, it establishes their strengths and weakness for rectification. The yearly appraisal will help the business organization asses the general perception of the external environment within a recommendable time span so that it can make any rectifications before it is too late to make such corrections considering that the customers and the competitors belong to the external environment.

However, there have been few arguments relating to the undertaking of yearly corporate appraisal some of which argue in terms of expenditure to the company. It has been argued that undertaking corporate appraisal every year is costly to the business organization in terms of finance and labor. Hiring of professionals or assigning of this duty to staff members is costly and requires extra expenses, therefore, it should not be done yearly but rather when urgently required. Others include the repetition of the same results and monotony which are not beneficial to the business organization. Marketing resources of importance in the cosmetics industry In order to obtain success in the cosmetics industry, the marketing resources of importance include the following.

The first one is marketing management. The firm needs qualified and competent marketing management to govern all the other marketing resources and give direction towards the attainment of success. The core values or objectives of the firm are an important marketing resource to spearhead the entire marketing team towards the success of the firm. Then the corporate culture which entails all the people with significant interest in the company as far as success is concerned.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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