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The paper "Managing Innovation " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The companies have chosen to study its innovation mechanisms is Canplas pty limited which is a private manufacturing organization in the capital territories of Australia. The mechanisms it uses are shown in the table below with their strengths and weaknesses. The possible mechanisms for ensuring both creativity and commercial realism include entrepreneurship desires, technology, research & development and motivation (Feist 1999). When there is a need to be an entrepreneur, an individual can start diversifying his or her skills. Ihavemoved. com is a fast mover because within a short time they have managed to expand their business globally.

The company started in the year 2000 but up to date, it has one of the biggest information technologies company in the world. The company was able to get about 78 percent of the internet users who moved from and to home. This age group is between 15-44 years. Having started the year 2000, the company has really moved fast to cater to this large number of customers. The company was able to raise a huge amount of capital to change the design of the website and hire professionals to manage the business who are the director, sales manager, operations manager and assistant and a website manager. 2.

In order to make the business to go forward, I will propose that the organization should be able to diversify their skills into other businesses (Tiddy et al 2005). The various investments will bring in more capital and help the company management to get a source of revenue without paying interest. The company should also separate the various departments so that each department will manage its section effectively towards achieving the aim of the business.

The company should train its employees so that they will acquire new skills which will help them to be innovative and design programs which will improve the already existing programs. Finally, the business should do research and development and come up with more new ideas for improving the company's operations.


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