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The paper "Tutoring Centre for International Students" is a perfect example of a business case study. Tutoring Centre for International Students is a Victoria-based learning institution that offers tutor services to international students studying the second language in Australia. The institution offers 24 hour services in all the subjects offered in Australia and it has one of the best learning facilities and experienced tutors. The institution is strategically located near UNSW Australia, the leading international university in the country. Even though the institution is new in the industry, it strives to offer the best quality services at affordable prices.

Its main target customers are Asian students because they are the majority n almost all learning institutions in Australia. Their main challenge is the communication barrier and the institution will use that as an opportunity to reach many students. The main challenge the business will face is stiff competition from established institutions offering the same services. But it will counteract the challenges by offering extra services and by maintaining high quality in all the services. Problem: Need/Want The main problem for international students studying in Australia is the language barrier because the majority have difficulty speaking English (Sawir 570).

Consequently, the lack of proper communication with their lecturer and classmates has been affecting their overall academic performance. The majority of international students studying by a second language can hardly understand what their tutors are teaching them (Sawir 570). They also feel embarrassed because of their inability to speak eloquent English in front of their classmates. To attract more students, Tutoring Centre for International students intends to offer private tutoring at the cheapest price compared to other centres offering the same services in Australia.

The cheapest price may pose financial problems, but in the long run, it will be beneficial because of the high number of students because it will benefit from economies of scale. The tutoring centre will also provide 24/7 tutoring services in all the services available in Australia. This intends to achieve by employing many, but experienced teachers in their respective teaching subjects.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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