Essays on Macdonalds Vision and Objectives, Working Conditions and Procedures Case Study

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The paper "Macdonald’ s Vision and Objectives, Working Conditions and Procedures" is a perfect example of a business case study. The vision of MacDonald is that of being a destination for the highest customer experience in terms of promotion, price, place, products and people. There is an objective of continuous improvement of operations in the enhancement of the customer’ s experience. In addition, the business seeks to grow profitably; operate ethically; strive to continuously improve, and engage in corporate social responsibility endeavours. There is a commitment to the nurturing of talent, rewarding achievement, developing leaders and providing opportunities.

(Tronvoll, Brown, Gremler & Edvardsson, 2011) A lot of value is attached to the team of well-trained individuals who are from various backgrounds and who have different experiences. This development of a harmonious environment is sought after due to its impact on fostering respect and driving high engagement levels. The value achieved is revealed in the attained success. The business is also focused on ethical operations. This is considered at an individual and an aggregate level. There is a well-segmented way of operations that allows for free interactions especially with the employees at various departments in order to ensure that there is efficiency in collaboration.

A balanced project is considered to be the one that is able to integrate various departments in the team members in the project. This allows for a broader perspective in terms of the direction that is expected to be taken by the organisation as a whole. Moreover, the achievements of the vision and the objective is acknowledged to be a direct factor of the input of the various players in the company.

This, therefore, is acknowledged to be a dependent framework where everybody must be involved in one way or another. How Invention Fits McDonald's Vision and Objectives The vision of McDonald's is to be able to be globally set out in a way that yields exceptional customer experience.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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