Essays on Two Basic Rationales Which Could Be Causing the Decline in Jetstar Rating Research Proposal

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The paper “ Two Basic Rationales Which Could Be Causing the Decline in Jetstar Rating” is a  convincing variant of research proposal on marketing. In a summative overview, Jetstar Airways can be perceived as a low-cost airline based in Melbourne. In 2012, this airline was ranked in the third position amongst the low-cost airlines which was a drop from the 2nd position in the preceding year. This necessitates a profound reflection into the operations and current offerings of this company which has the potential of being central in causing this decline in ranking.

Additionally, it is fundamental to launch a greater focus at the competing firms in this industry aimed at assessing whether their improved performance in the recent past has elevated their credibility and thus affecting the rating of Jetstar among the Australian airlines. All these dynamics can only be comprehensively understood through a profound and robust research process to unearth the causes as well as the effects of different variables in contributing to the aforementioned phenomenon. Against this backdrop, this report is primarily an effort to seek an understanding of this fall in ranking and plan for improvement in 2013 through a formidable research process.

Subsequently, it will explore which type of research is needed, the target respondents for this research, a method of conducting this research, recommend an appropriate sample size and selection method and lastly reference and discuss two pieces of academic research or industry information/secondary data that may assist in designing, implementing or interpreting this research. Type of research The type of information which ought to be collected in this study is aimed at unearthing the underlying issues which have culminated in the decline of favorability of Jetstar airways among the consumers.

In this case, information related to consumer experience in regard to bookings, inboard services and customer care among other issues will need to be collected. Additionally, information related to the performance of Jetstar against other competing airlines in aspects like pricing will also need to be collected aimed at ascertaining whether the decline of Jetstar ratings has been a result of improved performance of the competitors or as a result of internal weaknesses of Jetstar offerings. This will basically necessitate an online discussion group. Therefore, in regard to the type of research, this study will primarily utilize a qualitative research method based on the type of information that needs to be collected.

This method is particularly applicable to this study based on the fact that it will serve to provide a larger picture of the issue or situation and eventually inform in a manner that is accessible (Nicholls, 2011, p. 2) and will typically be based on a small sample. The applicability of the above method in this study is based on the fact that qualitative studies are geared towards illuminating and understanding complex psychosocial issues and thus highly useful in answering humanistic ‘ how’ and ‘ why’ questions (Marshall, 1996, p.

522) which in this case is ‘ why’ and ‘ how’ Jetstar’ s rating has declined in the recent past. Lastly, this will study will entail less structured approaches in the processes of data collection as well as interpretive methods in the description and analysis of the phenomenon under study (Hollstein, 2011, p. 2).    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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