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The paper "Digital Marketing Plan for Leeds Becket University Student Union" is a good example of a marketing case study.   This particular report undertakes to provide a digital marketing plan for Leeds Becket University Student Union, a charity organization operates in the United Kingdom. Leeds Becket Student’ s Union has a variety of activities run by the students such as; volunteering, campaigns, events and media opportunities besides, as a Union, it serves to voice the concerns of the students to the University and beyond. This report examines the status of the current digital platform of the union and then recommends a digital platform that will enable the union to better its services to its customers. The following are the aims and objectives of the digital marketing platform after examination of both the macro and microenvironments. Aim: To provide a digital marketing platform for Leeds Becket Student’ s Union that will enable them to retain and increase their online customers in the next 12 months. The report intends to achieve the following objectives Provide a digital marketing plan with justifiable recommendations on how Leeds Becket Students’ Union can achieve its digital marketing goal. Create a new website for Leeds Becket Student’ s Union that will have more features that will allow more interaction between the union and its customers. Create an additional social media platform (apart from Facebook) for the unions that will enable it to sell its services and products to people within the UK and beyond.

In addition to this, give recommendations on how it can increase its followers on Facebook from 4928 to a higher number. The objectives outlined should be met within a period of 12 months. 1.0.

Introduction Leeds Becket Students’ Union is basically a student’ s organization within Leeds Becket University in the UK. This organization is headed by elected leaders, four of whom are part-time and the rest of them fulltime. Any student at the university is legible to be elected to any elective position in the union and if they win the elections they hold the mantle for a one year term. The union’ s main purpose is to air concerns of the students to the university and beyond. Their goal is to make sure that students’ lives at Leeds Becket University are comfortable besides; the union occasionally organizes diverse entertainment activities for the students, volunteering activities that give service to the community, demonstrations on contentious internal and global issues as well as environmental awareness projects and demonstrations. 1.2 Current Digital Presence The Leeds Becket Students’ Union currently has a functional website.

The website address is: http: //www. leedsbeckettsu. co. uk. This website has information about the union. The information on includes the major roles the union plays, its structure and deeper explanation of the major achievements and contributions the union makes to the society. In addition to this, this website is used to advertise major events like entertainment, demonstration, volunteering activities among many of its functions.

The website has an interactive segment that allows readers to send their comments and suggestions to the organization so that they are attended to by the union. To add on to the website, the union has also a functional Facebook fan page that has so far 4928 followers. This is a small number compared to the magnitude of this union. Other digital platforms entail telephone numbers that enhance communication to and fro the union.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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