Essays on Types of Communication Writings: the Most Informal Report Case Study

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Part I Changes in store schedules – close Sundays, close an hour earlier, open hour later Changes in employee schedules – managers 10 hour week, parttime consolidate in 1-2-3 day weeks. No stores closing or opening Rising gas prices and rising operating costs Employees work fewer days a week Public relations manager Three stakeholders groups Part II Business letter Dear managerial staff, Due to the rising gas prices and overall operating costs the company has to make changes in order to reduce costs. We have identified a potential source of savings. The labor costs of the company are the key variable that will enable the company to save money.

In order to achieve that goal the firm must reduce the number of days the employees come in to work. The changes that are going to be implemented include ten hour days for the managerial staff and the consolidation of the part time workers into 1-2-3 work weeks. The store schedule will also be changed. The store will open an hour later and it will close an hour later. The new changes will impact everyone, but it is the only way the company can continue to operate without having to resort to more drastic measures such as firing employees and closing down stores.

No stores are going to be closed or open in the near future. Memo To: Employees From: Public Relations Manager Date: March 17, 2011 Subject: Changes in schedules We would like to inform you that there are going to be changes in the store’s schedules as well as your weekly work schedules. Due to the rising cost the firm has implemented new polices to ensure our employees keep working with us.

First of all the stores are going to be closing an hour later and opening an hour later. These changes will positive impact your daily routine in the morning. Another change is that the hours of part-time employees during the week are going to be consolidated into 1-2-3 hour workweeks Email The store would like to announce to the general public and to our customers that our establishments are going to open effective immediately one hour later and will stay open an additional hour. The total hours of operation are going to stay the same.

Our goal is to serve you and provide the best level of service possible. Part III The three types of communication writings differ in the way the message was given. The email is the most informal report of the three. The audience of the letter was the managerial staff. It was important to send a direct message to them about the status of the company. In the memo to the employees the message was send in a persuasive manner in order to maintain the spirits of the employees high.

I had a lot of fun writing these reports. This type of writing is much easier to perform than academic essays. The first exercise of creating an outline helped me arrange my ideas. When I write academic papers I often perform brainstorming sessions that formulate an outline. I find academic writing much harder than business writing due to the amount of research that is involved in this type of writing. The writing formats such as APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago often confused me. Business writing utilizes a lot of technical report writing skills.

In the past I was intimidated by the thought of writing business reports. This assignment has helped me understand the different writing communication available for business purposes. Memos, letters, and emails are practical tools that workers utilize to communicate in the corporate world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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