Helpful 500 Word Essay Examples

While in college or even high school, students will encounter various types of assignments, and amongst the short ones is a 500-word essay. The main problem that most students face while writing such a short essay is the inability to fit all their main ideas and arguments within the requested page limit.

That is why most use 500 word essay examples to understand the format to follow and how to apply their critical thinking and writing skills to create content that results in the highest score. However, for someone who is just encountering this task for the first time and has pressure to improve their overall performance, the whole writing process can be daunting.

After all, how do you fit creativity and so many things to write into very few sentences? Well, it’s easy to master any academic writing through practice and by using a free example from a professional in that subject matter.

500 Word Essay Examples & Topics for Free to Inspire You

The first step to writing a high scoring essay is to use an example to help you choose an interesting topic that is not too wide or narrow. Use an essay example that inspires you and that which has enough research material to support the arguments. The example must also be related to academic writing because, in most cases, a teacher requires the sources to be from scholarly materials such as books or journals.

While there are various topics that a professor might ask you to write about, often they request students to pick a specific subject matter and turn it into a 500 long essay. In such cases, students often use free online samples to find unique angles that they can write about. An example of a good topic include:

  • How to get along with your college roommates
  • Do unrealistic expectations in marriage lead to divorce?
  • Family issues
  • Teenagers and drugs
  • Social issues
  • Finance and wellbeing
  • Evolution of anime
  • Does a person become wiser as they get older?
  • How social media affects beauty
  • Comics that are both educational and funny
  • Immigrants and the economy.

While having a comprehensive list containing examples of topics is a good starting point for writing a 500 long essay, it’s often the easiest part. The hardest part is researching the topics, gathering facts from scholarly sources to make your views informative, relevant, and valid. Sometimes the chosen topic has a shortage of adequate sources and requires a large database that students often don’t have because they lack extensive writing experience.

Reading samples from our experts will give you various topics from a field of interest. A well-written example of 500 word essay also works to inspire and give students a specific angle that proves you are indeed passionate about that subject.

500 Word Essay List to Use

When it comes to picking specific topics, most students become stressed and overwhelmed because the process is not easy or straight forward. Most interesting topics have been covered extensively, which leaves less room for a fresh idea. Other areas of focus are not informative or thought-provoking enough to earn a good score.

Luckily, by assisting students from all academic levels, we have been able to gather a comprehensive list of essay ideas, each with an example that acts as a guide. Our list of topics is suitable for students in all academic levels, be it high school, undergraduate, or those taking doctoral courses and are categorized in various essays such as:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Evaluation essays
  • Narrative essays
  • Cause and effect paper example
  • Compare and contrast sample paper
  • Persuasive paper example
  • Reflective paper
  • Expository essays
  • Analytical topic sample.

Each essay has a different goal and method of writing. Hence, use examples to know more about the essays and how to tackle the topics listed under each genre.

How Many Pages Is 500 Words Paper Expected to Be?

A 500-word paper should not exceed two pages, even when double spaced. A high-quality sample should contain all main ideas fitted within the requested 500-word limit. Besides, a sample with fewer words often fails to cover all points and can be a reason for getting poor marks.

H3: How Long Is 500 Words: Maximum Page Length?

When single-spaced a 500-word paper can fit one page, but when double spaced, it covers two pages. Therefore, it’s best to keep the content one and two pages long. Use the requirements given by your professor as they act as a guideline on the total words they expect to see when grading the assignment. The common feature of a 500 word essay sample is that content should be divided into 3-5 paragraphs, whereby each section should have four to five sentences.

What Does 500 Words Look Like? Structure and Format

500-word papers are structured into five paragraphs, which include the introduction, conclusion, and main body containing three sections. The first paragraph, which is the introduction containing around 50-70 words, must start with a topic sentence and end with a thesis statement.

The body paragraphs containing three paragraphs should be 100 words, each providing evidence that supports the thesis statement and elaborates as well as convinces the teacher to see your views as valid. Keep the conclusion within 50 words and use around three sentences to restate the thesis and summarize the main points. It’s ideal to create an outline before starting the writing procedure as it acts as a roadmap and in prioritizing all main points.

Why Use Examples of 500 Word Essay From Trustworthy Service

A quick online search gives so many 500 word essay examples that will come in handy when you want to gain general knowledge about the structure, citation, and formatting of such a task. However, don’t rely so much on examples from any websites as the quality might be low, or the content might be written by a writer who is not a professional in that subject and topic.

Besides, the 500-word essays found online might lack a similar topic, and the requirements might not match with those requested by your professor. That is why it’s an excellent idea to download a 500-word paper sample from a trustworthy online writing service.

Reasons to Use Our 500 Word Essay Samples: Guarantees

An aspect that has made our service to have many referral customers is because all academic papers are of the highest quality and written by a professional in that subject and someone who has extensive experience tackling educational topics. As a result, by selecting and reading any free 500 word essay sample, you will notice that it’s well-written, adheres to the latest citation style, and captures attention from the first sentence.

Students from all over the globe prefer to download samples from our reputable site because we ensure originality, which eradicates plagiarism. Samples of 500 lengthy tasks also work to gauge the expertise and writing style of a writer. Therefore the samples from our service are an indication of what to expect from our writer.

Huge Database for Research That Eradicates Plagiarism

We are able to produce high-quality lengthy papers and examples because we have a large database containing reliable sources. What you will notice about all our samples is that the arguments are backed up by scholarly resources, be it a book, journal, newspaper, or any other material. We also have lecture notes, classroom discussion material, and printed sources for all disciplines that might be required to write an academic paper.

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What’s to love about our sample is that each task is free and easy to access. It helps to cut down on time, save money, and help you gain knowledge that teaches you the best way to craft such tasks.

While every sample is copyrighted material, the content is written by an expert. Hence the essay is insightful and informative. Use our reputable service to order a paper or to download and read the content to study better.

Examples List on 500 Word Essays

Leading People and Leadership Style
The paper "Leading People and Leadership Style" Is a great example of a Management Essay. I involve individuals in the activities of the organization with the sole aim of achieving the vision and goals of the organization. I consider myself a charismatic leader because I am inclined to achieving the goals and vision of the organization. …
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Importance of Studying Leadership
The paper "Importance of Studying Leadership " is an outstanding example of management coursework. Leadership is a significant principle of management which aids in maximizing competency in a cluster of people to accomplish a goal (Wart, 2012). There are reasons that justify the importance of studying leadership.…
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Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes
The paper "Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes" is a perfect example of a business essay. Toms shoes is a company shoe company that started way back in the year 2006. Its rampant growth has been felt all across the world (Toms, 2013). Today, the company has donated over 2 million pairs of shoes to needy children across the world.…
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Qantas Company: Market Analysis
The paper "Qantas Company: Market Analysis" is a wonderful example of a business essay. The airline industry is a sensitive industry in the transport service. This is because there are various individuals ranging from business persons to professionals who seek to use air transport in the course of their busy schedules while attempting to meet their goals in their businesses.…
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Resort in Havana, Cuba
La Experencia Cubano Overview This resort aims at providing the most extraordinary and exclusive experience throughoutCuba. Its main goal is to grow to the most popular hotel and casino complex in Latin America. It will be mainly involved in…
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Ethical Negotiating
Ethical Negotiating Table of Contents Traditional Competitive bargaining 3 Reference 5 Traditional Competitive bargaining Traditional Competitive bargaining is a process by which negotiations takes place between employers and employees for reaching…
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Getting to Yes
An effective Solution In the case given the situation is ic lose-lose situation from the point of view of the employers. Unless they are able to increase the salary of Johnson to match up to what their competitors are offering her they will lose a…
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Mangerial Economics
Managerial Economics Q2.5 The business operations of Southwest Airlines are consumer or oriented, meaning that the airline is highly concerned about the welfare of its customers. Over and above this pursuit, the company also aims at offering…
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Corporate social responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility of Future Shop Future Shop, Canada’s biggest retailer and e-business Company, is very keen to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In the current year, Future Shop sanctioned a grant of $5,000 to Cégep School…
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Need a strategy for implementation
Topic Alternative staffing is a challenging task. This requires deep understanding on the operational and financial aspect of management. But this is often required when the business operation has widened and its corporate services have scaled up in…
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Critical Note
Business Case Study The business case study undertaken by Heiman et al is a significant step forward in the direction of assessing the elements that determine the performance of a joint venture business. This study has been carried out specifically…
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Essential Specific Steps
Twin Lake Mining Company Board of Directors June 28, Environmental Cleanup Costs Develop objectives The primary objective of the negotiation is to lower costs of complying with environmental regulations and cleanup costs by obtaining the financial…
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Growth Analysis for Westinghouse
Assignment 7 - Growth Analysis Companies that are seeking to grow and expand their lots have several options by which they can do this. Three of such options are briefly discussed below and they include acquisition, public stock offerings and pursing…
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Value Chain Analysis The sustainability of businesses particularly the chain supply chains not only depends on the internal competence of the business but also peoples perspective. In this paper, I will analyse Albani corp. in Miami. The analysis…
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Perform SWOT analysis on Metacafe
SWOT Analysis on Metacafe Element Analysis Metacafe Company Metacafe website deals with sharing short-form videos in a variety of categories such as video games, movies, music, sports and TV. The website was among the earliest entertainment site…
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Inside the Entrepreneur
Inside the Entrepreneur Identify an entrepreneur that you either know personally or have read about outside of our text. The entrepreneur under discussion is Walt Disney of the famous Disneyland, Buena Vista Pictures and distribution and many other…
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Week 1 questions
Productivity and Forecasting Productivity and Forecasting Productivity refers to “a measure of effective use of resources, usually expressed as the ratio of output to input.” (Stevenson 56). It is a gauge to determine if a production is efficient and…
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Business company analysis
Business Company Analysis: Walgreens Co. Brief Company Profile Walgreens is one of the famous established organizations in the United States where its roots was traced from as early as 1901 with its founder, Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. (Walgreens).…
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Economics Assignment Questions
Economic Issues in Organizations Economic Issues in Organizations Question In a monopolistic competition, the firm undergoes short-run equilibrium. There is maximum profit and the quantity where the marginal revenue is equal to the marginal cost. The…
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Introduction to Global Business
Introduction to Global Business Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Answer 3 Answer 2 4 Answer 3 5 Answer 4 5 Reference 6 Answer NAFTA was created in 1994 through an agreement. NAFTA was an economic opportunity which would help to capitalize on the…
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Performance Appraisal
1. In the problem d, ARCO Transportation appraises its employee’s performance based on personality traits. Personality traits because appraising employees based on “communication”- specifically, “listens and observes attentively, allowing an exchange…
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Merging A. Merging with another company signifies bringing two different companies together and working collaboratively for a common goal as well as objective. With regard to the provided situation, the company acquiring the other firm and merging it…
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The Double Degree in International Business Program
of the Why I Want to Attend the Double Degree in International Business Program There are a number of countries that have proved to be veritable economic powerhouses. Globalization has ensured that business has become truly international.…
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Comment on business plan 4 Financial ments of have been explained in a detailed manner and different important costs and expenses that the company might have to incur have been recorded. The profit and loss statement of the company shows…
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Innovation and entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Question The most realistic model for sustainability innovation is the stage model. This model focuses on using a common approach, which can be adopted by all organisations in order to attain sustainability innovation…
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