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Composing essays is a common thing in a student’s life, and knowing how to write essays is a skill that will benefit you in the long term. However, it is also easy for 750 word papers to present challenges to learners. Some even have to seek assistance online. We provide such assistance through our sample essays and some extra tips for composing.

Why Do Students Experience Trouble With Compositions?

Many collegians experience trouble with essays. The first category is those who struggle with language. An example is ESL students. When composing 750 words long paper, a lot of factors are considered in the grading, including how articulate the points are presented. If you have poor mastery of the English language, there are high chances your essays will not be immaculate, and you’ll score low marks.  

For others, it is about skills in writing. Crafting great essays requires some of them. These skills could be acquired through a lot of reading. For example, you can improve them from exposure to professionally written papers like the free samples our service provides.

Another example is a student dealing with writer’s block is also a common reason. Tutees often feel like they are out of ideas for their papers. It usually is after individuals are mentally exhausted, probably due to other academic tasks. Writer’s block makes it difficult for students to find good ideas right from the selection of topics.

Students also find it challenging to complete essays due to reasons such as lack of time. Some collegians are tasked with numerous obligations, and finding time for an essay becomes a challenge. Others struggle with submission deadlines that are too close. So, finding a good sample essay from our service will help you work fast to beat the deadline. But first, here are some things you need to know about the selection of topics.

Selecting 750 Word Essay Topics

Choosing topics is not as easy as it sounds. A student has to select the absolute best one for their composition if they aim to produce a good paper. So, how do you choose good topics from the numerous examples you come up with?

Consider the size of your 750 words paper. Your topic should not be too wide or too narrow for your 750 word composition. Narrow down the broad topics and avoid ones that are already too narrow to ensure you meet the required word count.

How Long Is a 750 Word Essay? A Brief Answer

The composition should have 750 words. So, it is not that long, and hence you have to be concise when writing it. In the essay, you need to get to your main point quickly without a lot of filler words.

How Many Pages Is a 750 Word Essay? Know the Correct Length

When it comes to converting 750 words to page count, the number of pages might differ depending on the size of the font you are using, and factors, for example, spacing. A 750 word essay takes about one and a half pages when single-spaced and about 3 pages when double spaced.

The second main factor to consider when choosing your topic is your interests as an individual. Our samples are from exciting areas students can pursue. It is always fun to write about what you are interested in. Choosing a topic that excites you motivates the writing of a great 750 word essay.

The selection of great essay topics is also determined by the difficulty involved. Some topics might be too complicated. Choose what you are comfortable with but also try to be unique. So, before settling down on a topic, make a list of ideas and narrow it down by checking the ideas against these factors to find the best fit.

What Does a 750 Word Essay Look Like? The Correct Structure

Here is how a 750 word composition can be broken down. First, you need to know that the example of such a composition has three main sections, like the below list shows.

  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

All three sections should be present in the form of approximately five paragraphs. The typical example of format involves an introductory paragraph, then three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

We have several 750 word essay examples and on different topics. What’s fantastic about our service is that you can view the samples for free.

Check Out a Fantastic 750 Word College Essay Example from Our Writers

For students who have little to no experience with writing a 750 word paper, you might benefit from looking at the variety of essay examples we have. The examples will be beneficial since you will find ways to improve your writing.

The Various Reasons to Use Our 750 Words Essay Samples

You will tremendously benefit from obtaining sample papers from our database. Aside from the fact that professional writers craft our 750 word sample papers, there are numerous examples on diverse subjects. Here are other benefits of our example paper service.

Paper Variety from Our Huge Database

We have many sample papers in our massive database. There is a list of topics to choose from, depending on what aligns with your interests. Each has been written by a professional, and over the years, we have a good collection of sample papers. We have just the 750 words essay sample you need to guide you on better writing.

Well-Written Essay Example

Our examples are crafted by expert writers who possess excellent language skills and are experienced in their fields. Our editors confirm there are no mistakes in the examples. Our free examples are checked for grammar, writing, and formatting to ensure they are the perfect guide for students.

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When we say you can read a 750 word college essay example for free, we mean it. Clients don’t even have to register to get access to our samples. Just select one from the list of samples and get to reading. No registration processes involved.

Top Papers from Amazing Writers

Take a look at a 750 word essay sample written by a professional and learn how to write a quality composition in the process. Each 750 words sample paper from our service is free, and you are always assured of learning something new from the samples we have laid out. Get the top pieces now!

Examples List on 750 Word Essays

Asthma: a Leading Cause of Absenteeism in Schools
The paper 'Asthma: a Leading Cause of Absenteeism in Schools' is an excellent example of a research proposal on health science and medicine. Asthma is a respiratory condition that compromises the functionality of the airway through obstruction associated with continuous instances of breathlessness and wheezing. The condition is prevalent amongst the school-going children between the ages of 8 to 11 years.…
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Perfume as an Everyday Object
The paper 'Perfume as an Everyday Object" is a worthy example of a research proposal on family and consumer science. The sense of smell has the ability to stimulate numerous sensations and initiate appropriate responses in humans. We are drawn to pleasant fragrances while we abstain from unpleasant odors.…
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The Main Duties of the Supervisor
1. In the event that I am the supervisor and am confronted with a situation similar to that pertaining to Fred Winslow of allegedly coming late to work, I would first and foremost call him to my office then talk to him face to face. Given that…
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Coal Mine Fatal Accident
 The safety of the employees is one of the most important human resource topics. According to OSHA rules, an employer is entirely responsible for the employees’ well-being when working. This implies that the employers must provide safe workplaces,…
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Types of Performance Appraisal Methods and Rater Errors
 1) Types of performance appraisal methods Performance appraisal involves an appreciation of employees for their good performance at work (Cengia, 2011). Different methods have been used for performance appraisal. These include; Management by…
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Understanding Equity and Trusts
The paper "Understanding Equity and Trusts" is an outstanding example of an essay on law. Sometimes the characteristics of the trust might be impracticable such that the trustee is unable to do according to the settler’s wishes. When the trust becomes administratively unworkable, then it becomes invalid.…
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Informal Interview in Business Management and Administration
Informal Interview in Business Management and Administration Mr. Subject is a HRD Manager he has been a practicing HR Professional for more than 25 years. He graduated at the top of his class in one of the leading university in the country. He took…
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The Silent Language of Overseas Business
The Silent Language of Overseas Business The article by Hall (1960) aims at highlighting the different business environments found in many countries globally. The author specifically discussed the problems American business people faced when they…
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Is Islamic Banking an Ethical Alternative to Conventional Banking
Hala Al Misnad 9th April Is Islamic Banking an Ethical Alternative to Conventional Banking? Problem Description Invent of Islamic Banking was caused primarily by three major reasons. First, unlike conventional banking, Islamic banking eliminates the…
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Stages of Group Development
Stages of Group Development: “LDB Corps Quality Committee” Stages of Group Development: “LDB Corps Quality Committee” Question 1. Which stage of group development is demonstrated by the group at this time? Identify two characteristics of this stage…
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Comparative Advantage and the open economy
Comparative advantage and the open economy. I defend the claim that comparative advantage will increase wealth creation to both the rich and the poor state. Comparative advantage is the ability to produce a commodity at a lower opportunity cost than…
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Write a report analyzing the most recent financial aspects of Pentair,INC
Financial Aspects of Pentair, Inc Financial Aspects of Pentair, Inc Ms. Cindy Baer President Topic: Ratio Analysis Report It isimportant to evaluate the performance of a company, both from a shareholders point-of-view and for business owners and…
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Research Questions
Virtual Project Management Virtual Project Management The current of virtual project management tools in an oil producing environment and how to understand the current and future abilities in terms of successful project implementations. Research…
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Change Management
Change Management Change Management Introduction Change Management is one of the fundamental aspectsfor the survival of any organization. I would like to bring in some changes in the HR (Human Resources) Department of our organization (IT Consulting…
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Comparing mortgage rates
Finance and Accounting A comparison was completed between five separate mortgage lenders using rates for fifteen yearand 30 year fixed rate mortgages, with a financed amount of $100,000 in the State of Florida. Geographical information was used only…
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Dynamic Programming: Resource Allocation
Executive summery: Dynamic programming approach usually offers an optimal solution for complex reservoir operational problems. In this report analysis an attempt to determine the relevance of the dynamic programming in resource allocation scenario…
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Creating a Marketing plan
Creating a Marketing Plan (Add (Add (Add The Marketing Goal The company intends to offer high quality furniture in the market which will attract the consumers who are concerned more about quality than about cost. The company’s products will be…
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Arguing about the risk of investment in a certain kind of stock
Siegel, Jeremy J. Stocks for the long run:the definitive guide to financial market returns and long-term investment strategies. New York: McGraw-HillProfessional, 2008. This book provides a comprehensive understanding and explanation of investment…
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ACC403 - Principles of Accounting (SLP) A Revised Income Statement, The Contribution Margin
Running Heading: Principles of Accounting Principles of Accounting Introduction This report covers the break even analysis of Dole Food Company which is an American based Multinational enterprise operating in almost 90 countries (Dole food, Inc,…
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ACC403 - Principles of Accounting SLP 3 Allocation of Fixed Costs
Principles of Accounting SLP 3: Allocation of Fixed Costs of the of the Principles of Accounting SLP 3: Allocation of Fixed Costs Introduction The allocation and distribution of fixed and variable costs over the various elements of an organization’s…
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Annual Report Project-WAL MART
Annual Report Project- Wal-Mart Wal-Mart is operated by a Board of Directors, which consists of fifteen members, divided into five separate committees. Committees include audit, strategic planning and finance, compensation, nominating and governance,…
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Communication Issues in all Phases of Emergency Management
 Communication Issues in all Phases of Emergency Management Special needs are those needs that apply to a broad base of people who are with disabilities, minority groups, the homeless, orphans and refugees. These groups of people are vulnerable to…
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Occupational Safety and Health: Forklift Incident
Occupational Safety and Health: Forklift Incident On this date, 9th May, 2014 at 10.00 a.m., a major incident was reported to the office of Health and safety whereby a worker by the name Tina Robbins was hit by a pile of bins on the ankle from a…
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Choose the Best Alternative
Choose the Best Alternative A decision matrix principally refers to a presentation of an array on a single axis a list ofoptions, which is also known as solutions or alternatives, that are examined with regards to the other axis, a listing of methods…
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Building your marketing plan/ week 4
Product Strategy The overall focus of our product strategy will be to offer variety- variety in number of foods available for s to buy. As discussed, the overall differentiating point of our business from others will be to offer products which are…
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