Essays on The Strategic Growth of TechnoPark, the UAE Macroeconomic Indicators Case Study

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The paper "The Strategic Growth of TechnoPark, the UAE Macroeconomic Indicators" is a perfect example of a macro & microeconomics case study.   TechnoPark is an industrial zone that is located in Dubai and caters to oil and gas, high-tech, research and development, and desalination and water sectors. The strategic growth for TechnoPark largely depends on the manpower (Ghanem 2009). As we know the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is endowed with a large pool of human resources that constitutes a potential asset to the UAE industrial sector. Yet, most of the skills in the UAE are not up to the international challenge.

It has been found most new businesses in UAE find it difficult to find the skilled labour they require to run their businesses, particularly in Information technology. The strategic growth of TechnoPark is to make available a wide pool of skilled workers at all levels that will propel the demanded industrial leap in UAE. One such strategy is to provide a training system that has been designed to meet UAE’ s short, medium and long term goals (Ghanem 2009). Emirates Industrial City Co (EIC) is located in Sharjah.

This industrial park has a comprehensive planned industrial and commercial business complex (Ghanem 2009). The strategic growth for this industrial park largely depends on the global market. At present, the domestic market in Sharjah is not enough to achieve the foreseen growth rates in the UAE, as the people in the UAE still have low purchasing power as compared to people in developed countries. It has been seen when EIC relies on n the export markets, it will open new opportunities for export-oriented manufacturing growth strategy (Ghanem 2009).

This will encourage domestic companies to join the global value chains where most business activities take place. The objective of this business park is not only to reinvigorate the technological structure but also to increase the level of manufactured exports (Ghanem 2009). The UAE’ s seaports and its related businesses make a yearly contribution to the UAE’ s economy. The UAE’ s ports make substantial investments and significant employers. The results of the Economic Impact Study conducted in the UAE state that many local people are employed directly or indirectly as a result of UAE’ s robust cargo handling operations.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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