Essays on The Performance of the UAE Exchange Assignment

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The paper "The Performance of the UAE Exchange" is a perfect example of a business assignment. UAE Exchange is a global money transfer agency based in UAE and looks towards providing services by ensuring that the funds of people are transferred over different regions and areas. UAE Exchange has grown its business and has ensured the presence of different branches and looks towards providing 24 hours services in the form of online and telephone services. UAE Exchange looks towards offering a wide range of services and has relationships with over 150 global banks which has helped them to reach over 3.5 million customers.

UAE Exchange has grown over the years and has over 600 offices in 30 countries which have enabled them to get a global reach. The exchange has been able to contribute positively towards the growth of the economy and has contributed to the financial business which has thereby ensured better growth for the business (UAE Exchange, 2012). The report thereby looks to present the different aspect of the marketing mix for UAE Exchange after looking into the marketing environment and the target market.

This thereby helps to identify the key factors and the manner in which the transfer of money is performing and the different directions that UAE Exchange needs to work and develop so that better services are provided to the customers. Marketing Environment The marketing analysis looks towards looking into both the internal and external factors which will help to understand the manner in which different factors will have an impact on the performance of UAE Exchange. The following has been illustrated through the table below Internal Environment: This aspect presents the manner in which the internal environment will have an impact on the working and is as below Factors Influence on UAE Exchange Staff attitudes The attitude of the employees is important as it determines the success as being able to highlight a positive attitude will improve the reputation of the business and will make it easy to implement strategies for the business.                      


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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