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The paper "UGG Boots Exporting to China" is a great example of a marketing case study. Globalization, as has been largely argued, has led to a mixture of both positive and negative implications on the business market. On one hand, Gangopadhyay and Chatterji (2005, p. 70) stated that despite the positive implications, it has led to increased market competition as well as saturation in other markets. Consequently, this necessitated the need for increased multinational organisations development and establishment. In particular, this has led to increased market concentration and saturation in the developed markets such as the USA, Europe and Australia.

Consequently, Park (2006, p. 62) noted that organisations are increasingly focusing on the emerging markets especially in China. One among the markets closely monitored is the Chinese market that has exhibited enormous growth and development potential on the global platform. However, exporting to these markets is proving a laborious and challenging task. In this regard, differences in the market conditions and cultures serve as key among the challenges. Therefore, this as reported by Nolke (2014, p. 34) led to the failure of numerous venture strive to venture in the market.

Therefore, the potentiality of this market and the high rate of failures, necessitate the need for an evaluation of the challenging factors and as such develop the relevant strategies and recommendations to overcome them. Findings in this report evaluation will serve as a key approach to facilitating increased international trade development. 2.0 Background Information UGG Boots Australia is a global entity initially registered in the American market. On its production line, UGG Boots has focused on the manufacturing of ship skin boots targeting both men and women consumer segments in the Australian market.

Due to its unique style and manufacturing designs, the organization has acquired an increased market influence and reputation in the Australian market. However, increased local domestic market competition in the Australian wear industry led to the diversification of its products (“ UGG Australia” , 2014). As such, the organization ventured onto the production and manufacturing of additional products such as ship skin handbags. However, trademark legal suits and competition reduced the overall development and success for the venture. Therefore, the organization resolved to venture onto the global market in a bid to expand its market base as well as ensure revenue stability.

As such, the organization developed a strategic plan to expand on the global platform through an export approach. In this regard, the venture resolved to venture onto the Chinese market among other Asian markets. However, this has posed a major development and expansion challenge in the Chinese market. Consequently, this evaluation report will evaluate the cause of this challenge with respect to the organizational features as well as the Chinese wear industry analysis. Consequently, the report will offer relevant recommendations for the organizational increased exportations to the Chinese market. 3.0 Company situational Analysis In order to develop a relevant situational analysis on the exportation challenges to China by the organization, this report develops two evaluation approaches.

On one hand, is an evaluation of the organizational SWOT analysis as well as the Chinese wear industry porters’ analysis in order to develop an informed conclusion based on facts on both the organizational factors as well as the industry analysis.


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