Essays on Un-Branded Chocolate Chips Assignment

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Un-Branded Chocolate Chips Question In the business, any slightest fluctuation in sales often, cause strain to the cost price forcing many retailers to extreme sales conditions. With respect to the case above, the volume of sales often enhances the brand of a commodity; it enhances the purchase of unbranded cookies. While putting into consideration the statistics of Un-Branded Chocolate Chips, it is quite clear that the figure is topping highest at six units in both segment sending information that the unbranded cookie are a direct alternative for customers who have problems with the branded variety.

Besides, brand symbol represents is highly influential thus enhancing customers to purchase cookies. In such a case, the brand name should embrace a standard format with less influential colors that do not outweigh unbranded commodities. Question 2 Different orders as used within this presentation demonstrate a positive image concerning the sale of both branded and unbranded cookies thus giving specific directions as to why there is favor on some varieties from customers. Moreover, the ordered presentation is of significance difference as illustrated by the figures.

In essence, various clusters of cookies offer customers a choice of alternatives that lead to difference in sales as the Crispness of the cookie indicates. The amount of chocolate chips it contains, general flavor of such cookies both branded, and unbranded influence high ratings within the products. Question 3 Based on multivariate technique in sales industry, the statistical techniques according to the worksheet grid identifies that several factors that determine covariate of figures about the sale of cookies. Some of the most common variables in the case above include crispness.

Majority of customers seem to prefer the above blend with recordings of highest figures despite the fact that it does not even have a brand. Other variables include the quantity of chocolate chips and the variation in flavor that greatly sway customer’s choice to such blend. Question 4 The overall threshold of cookies sensitivity in the above study depends on the concentration of the components than the brand name. Statistics clarifies that both chocolate chips and the sweetness of cookies highly influence sales quantity of cookies because taste falls among the essential factors that drive the perception of buyers towards such goods.

Moreover, the appearance of the commodity perceives flavor thus making the crispness of the cookies have a constant attention of customers from varied preferences. Question 5 The study shows that majority of customers like crispness of the cookies across the divide compared to any other blend. As such, there is consistent preference of units from first position within the grid to the to the third position with only a slighter deviation in fourth position. Moreover, flavor also greatly influences the purchase of cookies with the highest population opting to go by the sweetness of the cookies thus greatly determine projections in sales quantity. Question 6 The overall result demonstrates that descriptively sensory in the sale of a commodity is critical in determining how best a particular commodity of purchase is influential to the customers.

In the above study, the process of implementing the sale of cookies undergoes a review of special approaches that improve the purchase of a product irrespective of its brand. Works cited: (Kindly insert the reference according to the book where the excel sheet was extracted)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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