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The paper "Rational Decision Making" is a good example of management coursework.   Rational decision making is essential for organization performance. Organizational goals and objectives help in setting standards in performance and productivity. There are various factors that influence rational decision making. The reflective paper seeks to introduce rational decision making, risks and uncertainty involved in decision making and socio-economic influences in management. Rational Decision Making In making a rational decision, one is supposed to initiate different aspects such as theories and models that reflect on the issue at hand. I realized having a clear understanding of the decision-making theory and models; it is easier in coming up with the solution regarding problem-solving.

In the management level, the need for understanding factors influencing decision making is supposed to be considered in order to rationally choose the correct model. Rational decision making provides a platform for higher performance through initiating appropriate approach toward the organizational objectives and goals. I came to realize management has a major role to play in an organization by initiating the correct format required in the development and higher performance. Some of the factors influencing rational decision making are direct and indirect related to the problem being solved.

The management has to seek full information regarding the issue and understanding possible results depending on the decision to be undertaken. The consequences of the decision are essential in providing grounds of deciding whether a decision made was rational or irrational. Therefore, management has to consider all possible outcome of the decision before embarking on implementation. If the results of the decision expected are according to the organizational objectives, then management is supposed to undertake it in order to achieve expected consequences.

Consequently, if the expected results have a partial benefit to the organization and a certain margin of negative influences, management has to undertake cost-benefit analysis in order to choose the best move. Therefore, the major concern is initiating an appropriate strategy that would help in providing rational decision regarding the organization position. In relating the rational decision making, I sought to understand the process involved through research and involvement of the group members. The first step understands the issue at hand or problem is required to be solved.

In coming up with the solution, I understood that extensive research on the possible channels and means regarding the issue are supposed to be elaborated according to the objective. Managers are supposed to follow the organization mission and visions that articulate the objectives and goals. These factors are essential in the determination of the appropriate decision that covers the interest of the organization. Furthermore, I realized undertaking further research on other potential solutions and identifying them is helpful in rational decision making. The most important is choosing the best decision that suits the organization performance in the realization of the objectives and goals. Seeking to understand whether the decision made is worth, management supposed to analyze the outcomes depending on the organization performances.

The analysis includes the effects caused by production, cost and customer demands. An organization has the standards that help in measuring the outcome. Thinking what might have happened, the management should have an alternative process that would correct situation is a decision made do not match to the organization expectation. At this position, I realized having a couple of possible model in regard to the problem helps in controlling the negative results.

In free-market operation, there are many influencing factors that are not foreseeable and affect organization performances. Therefore, it is important to have different approaches to making a rational and sound decision.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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