Essays on Human Resource Management at Coles Company Case Study

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The paper "Human Resource Management at Coles Company" is an outstanding example of a case study on human resources.   Underperformance is the failure to carry out the duties allocated to the required standards. It may include poor work quality, low productivity, and work standards that are unacceptable (PlusHR 2017). This paper will investigate best practices in human resource management in the areas of managing underperformers and will focus particularly on performance management, reward management, and human resource development to give recommendations about the sales manager. Performance Management It refers to the process where, by working together, managers and employees plan and review work objectives of the employee and their contribution to the organization (hr council 2010) Best-practice performance management Best-practice performance management program has the following features in place: A).

Strong support by the executive Role modeling which is an important part of the strategic management process of any organization like Coles needs to begin and demonstrated from the top level of the administration whereas appraisals are to all members of the Company. Performance management policy should specify WHY, WHO, WHEN, and HOW of the performance management in the organization, coupled with a well-designed communication plan to get management and employees' buy-in at all levels.

Moreover, thorough training of HR, line, and staff in all aspects of the system application. Where the line managers should ensure employees have sufficient resources and tools to get the job done, and that systems, processes, and policies facilitate optimal performance (Appraisal Smart 2004). b). Setting up clear Performance goals in advance. It is one of the important determinants of the effectiveness of the performance management system. It is evident that most individuals are motivated to perform well by goals especially those with rewards tied to them (Madan 2010).

Furthermore, linking performance to remuneration in a way that sends a clear message to both good and poor performers and making sufficient reward differentiation such that top performers are lifted out materially and psychologically for their efforts.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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