Essays on Understanding Job Satisfaction Coursework

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Understanding job satisfaction March 4, Understanding job satisfaction Information on Walden Sports identifies the organization’s progress in expanding its products and increasing its income. The organization has also experienced a decline in employees’ performance and realized a negative attitude among employees, together with increased turnover and absenteeism rates. The organization’s value for its employees and its poor remuneration and reward system are two of its problems that relate to job satisfaction. Value for employees defines the worth that an organization bestows on its employees and involves decisions on employee treatment. It also shows an organization’s focus on its employees’ interest relative to focus on other aspects and determines satisfaction ceteris paribus.

Remuneration and reward system however defines an organization’s approach to compensating employees for their efforts and a suitable approach is likely to motivate employees. Problems that the organization realizes suggest weaknesses in the two factors towards dissatisfaction (Herzberg, 1968). The following variables identify data that can help in understanding the problems at Walden Sports. Number of times an employee has sought pay rise or rewardNumber of times an employee has sought an alternative employment opportunity based on offered pay Employees’ attitude towards the organization’s remuneration and reward system Employees’ perception on the organization’s value for employees relative to value for income Need for pay rise and rewards and attitude towards reward and remuneration system are indicator of effectiveness of the system in satisfying employees while perception on value is an indicator of recognition and self worth that influence attitude. Questionnaires and focus group will be used for data collection.

Questionnaires’ scalability and convenience informs its selection while the ability to develop an in-depth understanding of a problem informs selection of focus group.

ReferenceHerzberg, F. (1968). One more time: How do you motivate employees? Harvard Business Review, 46(1), 5362.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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