Essays on Understanding Management Style Assignment

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MISSION STATEMENT AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Table of Contents Introduction Strengths Weaknesses Personal and Career Goals Action plan Resources required An assessment example References Introduction Attaining leadership qualities is a complex and evolutionary process and in order to attain leadership qualities to make my career a successful one I plan to improve upon acquiring and maintaining inter personal relationships and build on my communication skills. Personally I am an optimist and I understand my limitations and I am improving upon the qualities I lack. I am a fast learner and I have the ability to make quick decisions. Strengths Analytical: I am an analytical thinker and this gives me the needed base to analyze and decide upon possible ways to tackle a difficult situation. Outgoing: I am an extrovert and I can mingle with groups of people easily.

Hard working: If I set a goal I work hard at achieving it in a focused manner. Staying focused helps me concentrate on the task at hand. Creative: I am creative and in all work done by me I try to include new concepts to make the work process an enjoyable one and to ensure the final outcome brings out the best in me. Grasp well: I am a quick learner and I can easily grasp the concepts and understand them better.

My problem solving skills are good. Honest: I am honest and I always come out with my faults and correct them as fast as I can. Weakness Perfection: I always work hard and strive towards attaining perfection and at times I get delayed in completing a work within the given time. Leadership: I need to improve upon acquiring a broader skill set in order to be an effective team leader. Also in order to promote team work I need to improve upon my communication. Patience: when I am not able to deliver a job on time I get impatient and I find it difficult to perform well. Organization: I need to improve upon my organizational skills.

I find it difficult to follow a plan as proper organization of the various tasks is not carried out by me. Personal and Career goals Complete my graduation within the stipulated course time. Participate in internship programs at successful companies which can help me out in realizing my dream career.

Become a manager in a large organization and learn all the key skill sets required. Venture in to the world of business and make use of my acquired skills to establish my own business. To help the community with my talents and be responsible towards my family and the society. Learn more soft skills to better manage people who I work with. Communicate in an efficient manner. Get well trained on career related aspects. Learn to organize goals and plans more efficiently. Have career planned in line with my personal passion. Action Plan I have good analytical skills and I can move well with coworkers.

But I need to improve upon my communication, leadership and organizational skills and in order to do that, I will make use of the methods listed in the table below (Robert, Jean, 1991). Development and improvement areas identified Means for developing in identified areas Target completion dates Leadership Take up leadership position at work and take up leadership related seminars Within 6 months Organization Take up voluntary works related to management to better learn organization Within 4 months Communication Attend workshops which can help tone up my communication skills On going Personal attributes Learn strategies to help calm the mind and focus on the work at hand. Within 6 months Enhancing listening skills Learn to intently listen to what others say and then react On going Assertiveness Learn to be assertive and when to say no On going Define fundamental values Identify key areas of specialization and define ways to achieve success in career Within 6 months Resources required To better understand the concepts which will help me later in a successful career I plan to take up courses apart from those already being studied at college to enhance my knowledge on the subject.

Take up internship programs during vocational holidays in December 2011 and summer 2012.

This will help be become well equipped for taking up actual work and it will make my resume stand out. Attend communication workshops and tone up my communication skills. Learn about the ways to acquire time management by starting to schedule and plan my schedules on a daily basis. Have a career plan and know my strengths and weaknesses associated with achieving my career goals. Start working on my weakness areas by attending workshops related to my career and improves on my strengths also. Make use of the time spent at the college to learn the concepts effectively and make use of library, internet and other such resources to improve my knowledge. Have a good relationship with professors and alumni.

This way I can get help from them during the start and course of my career. Make a list of various companies located nearby and get to know their job requirements prior to applying. This way I can plan my career better. Outline as a list the career goals and the stipulated time within which I plan to achieve them.

Maintain a supportive relationship with family to truly achieve work life balance. An assessment example Google’s management method used is the best possible method available for improvement both from a personal front and also on an organizational basis. They have clear goals established and the goals and criteria are communicated in an efficient manner to the employees. Innovation is a key aspect to their success and innovation is encouraged at all levels. Creative skills of the employees are toned up by conduction workshops at the company. The efforts of the employees and the Google Company as a whole are constrained helping both the employees and the company achieve the goals easily.

The workplace is a processed one, thus promoting better organizational practices. Reference Robert Benfari, Jean McBee. (1991). Understanding your management style. Lexington books

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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