Essays on Understanding Organizations and the Role of HR Assignment

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The paper "Understanding Organizations and the Role of HR" is a great example of an assignment on human resources. Schlumberger Middle East is part of Schlumberger Limited which is the world’ s largest oilfield services corporation in the world. The company provides the petroleum industry companies in the Middle East with services such as well testing and directional drilling, artificial lifts, well cementing and simulation, well consulting and completions, coiled tubing, seismic services, sand control as well business solutions using software and information management (Bohlander et al. 167). The business solution services that the company provides to oil and gas companies include water services that aim at making sustainable water a reality, geothermal services, carbon services, and business consulting which helps businesses in achieving sustainable performance.

The company has been able to achieve all these amid a background of challenges in the industry. The company invests heavily in research and development because developing innovative technology is what adds value to the customers. This is in line also with the goal of the company of being the leader in the supply of technology to the upstream gas and oil industry (Jackson 57).

The company has been able to achieve this even with the industry challenges such as heavy oil which requires twice the resources needed for conventional oil, the complex environment of operating in deepwater, unconventional gas becoming accessible, and real-time enabled products that have improved decision making. The external factors and their impact on the business activities These factors are: Heavy oil. Complex environment of operating in deepwater. Unconventional gas becoming available. Real-time products and services. Heavy oil The importance of heavy oil has caused many in the oil industry to expand their plans judging by the many operators who are involved through the challenge of heavy oil drilling lies in getting the oil out of the ground.

The technologies used for drilling conventional oil are limited for this type of viscous oil and this means that the resources required are double those used for conventional oil. This is a huge expense because the company has to use a lot of its resources to accommodate this.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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