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Generally, the paper "Sensis Limited Company - E-Entrepreneurial Business in Australia " is a perfect example of a business case study.   Businesses are globalizing so as their processes as well. Globalization has enhanced the spread of ICT around the world especially to new economies in developing regions. The access to new ideas from Information Communication Technology (ICT) world has helped in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and skills in most of the entrepreneurs in the world. As evidenced by the case in Australia, most of the people who are marginalized may not lack creativity, but rather they have limited subsidiaries to exploit their potential and improve their innovative abilities (Koppl, Horwitz and Desrochers, 2010). E-Entrepreneurism is the establishment of a business that uses an electronic platform in offering products (goods and services) to customers (Kollmann, 2010).

This is a net-based business where an entrepreneur interacts with the customer through the use of technological communication media. The essential part of the business is that the value is achieved through advance in information technology. This will depend on the following success factors: Computer Science: Provide appropriate knowledge about change in technology and how to merge the business in the current net economy. Information management: The information obtained from computer science must be managed in order to create warehouse security for the data. Business administration: This is a building block of e-entrepreneurship where it puts business knowledge into practice, for instance, online market research, promotion and creating a business strategy. Sensis E-Business Sensis is an e-business that tracks the use of technology by Australian business entities.

It is the leading search and digital marketing limited company in Australia. Sensis Company is classified as large entrepreneurial e-commerce due to its extensive diversity in terms of its operations.

Apart from tracking the use of advanced technology, Sensis Company helps SMEs to find, buy and sell products easily through at low cost. Most of the companies in Australia are incorporating innovative ideas brought by advances in technology in order to become competitive in the business environment. Sensis E-Business has been tracking these changes since 1995 (Sensis report, 2006).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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