Essays on Evaluation of an E-Entrepreneurial Australian Business Case Study

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The paper "Evaluation of an E-Entrepreneurial Australian Business" is a perfect example of a business case study. Technology is constantly changing for the better, a few years ago the concept of online shopping and eCommerce was a dream but now it is a reality. Most businesses nowadays are conducted online by just the click of a button. According to Acma, (2011, P. 1), Australians continue to embrace technology; the majority claim that going online is the norm. In June 2011 7.5 million accessed the top 15 online shop website (P. 8) Many SME e-businesses are staring up and grow while others die at the infancy stage.

Businesses start-up but fail within first a few years (Clark et al, 2012, P. 6), however, this is the case for Sheriton Shoes an online shoe shop in Australia which is a good example of a company which has built its operations on a new, innovative B2C e-business model where the business sells products and services to directly to consumers, (Napier, 2006 P 16). Sheriton Shoes has grown and currently has about nine stores around Sydney, (Daydreamwebsites. com. au, 2014).

The main driving factor in Sheriton Shoes chosen strategy is that the company uses the potential benefits of IT and e-commerce by incorporating new technologies which complement the old brick and mortar processes and operations. Sheriton Shoes challenges the traditional concept brick and mortar by incorporating the full power of the internet and other forms of ICT; the customers shop online, (Daydreamwebsites. com. au, 2014) making payment online using secure online banking/credit card payment solutions. The website and the online payment system developed with customer needs in mind, (Daydreamwebsites. com. au, 2014). This enables a complex process of value creation and addition that strongly relates to every aspect of a company’ s operation and the choices it makes (Zhao, 2006). The business has grown through phases and stages in the net economy as described by Dutta, (2009, P.

408) first there must exist a business concept for business to start, for Sheriton Shoes the idea was to sell shoes online to Australian as well as the whole customer's world (Daydreamwebsites. com. au, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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