Essays on Unemployment in Saudi Arabia Case Study

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The paper "Unemployment in Saudi Arabia" is a perfect example of a micro and macroeconomic case study. In the realm of postmodernity, every individual desire to acquire a profession or at least have some kind of work compensated by payment. Work, herein, refers to the service that an individual provides to another for purposes of generating income for themselves. Workers and professionals work for their interests, that of the society and the government at large. Unemployment in Saudi Arabia has attracted the attention of the globe and even described as an economical time bomb by the country’ s Prince.

This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss the nature of work in terms of unemployment in Saudi Arabia. The report aims at providing necessary details about the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia. The research done in this can be a complementary tool to scholars and practitioners as well as the general public in terms of availing information. Background Money, as the most valuable modern currency of exchange in trades, is the secret to living a good life. Without secure employment, one may not have enough money to stabilize their life and that of their family or society.

The rate of unemployment in a country has various economic impacts to that nation. For this particular reason, the governmental authorities have no choice but to establish ways of curbing the current problem. Surprisingly according to an Arab News article published by Aluwaisheg (2013), the country’ s economy has continued to grow with more jobs availed by the rate of unemployment has taken the opposite direction. This shows that there other factors that determine the unemployment levels of a nation other than just economic strength and availability of jobs. Scope Researches and studies have been conducted in relation to the unemployment status and rates in Saudi Arabia.

These researches have taken different directions to address different issues and with different purposes definitely. In this case, this report will be limited to the current rate of unemployment in Saudi Arabia and the causes of unemployment with respect to the defining determinants. For the purpose of this report, figure and representative diagrams will be used from referenced sources to give a perspective on the unemployment rates in Saudi Arabia.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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