Essays on Unibank Using Differentiator Approach to the Future Growth of the Business Assignment

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The paper "Unibank Using Differentiator Approach to the Future Growth of the Business" is a good example of a business assignment.   It is very likely that UniBank with constantly using benchmarks when it decides to take a differentiator approach to ensure the future growth of the business. UniBank in the process will compare activities and successes between outstanding achievements and improvement requirements (Fasnacht, 2009). The consequence of this decision to HR policies and practices is in the area of getting detailed employee preferences in order for the organization to connect and understand their employees.

HR practices may be enhanced by additional data mining skills to facilitate skills profiling, identification of development needs, experience tracking mechanism, and so on (Andrew & Williams, 2006). Q2) Using appropriate concepts and models from HRM practice, explain How Unibank should go about the process of recruiting two new staff to Design and maintain the planned website? Using the HR BPO model, UniBank should anticipate the needs of these new staff, act flexibly, and be proactive. They need to maintain expertise in the processes that are outsourced and be able to financially and administratively evaluate outsourcer’ s performance.

HR needs substantial expertise in employee development, benefits administration, compensation, and recruitment (Ulrich, 2005). Supplementary discussion and case-related questions for further thought. What jobs might need to be re-designed or re-structured in the case study Organisation? Primarily, the call centre staff jobs must be re-structured is such a way that it would not put too much pressure, isolated, rivalry, and others. How would you go about reviewing the job descriptions and What sources of information would you use? The data from the regular staff survey will be enough to review and modify the job description.

The job description review will generally focus on job requirements and the ability of staff required. How might the HR Manager go about establishing an HR plan for the next 3-5 years? What sources of information and metrics might be useful in the Process? (See Banfield & Kay ch 9) The HR Manager should determine and communicate the type of person required and develop criteria inline with job performance measurement. He must engage himself in the rigorous screening of applicants. Develop and implement an effective assessment technique and offer a conditional contract with provisions for performance reviews and job enhancement (Banfield & Kay, 2008). Generally, the most important information sources of information are the HR Information system that contains up-to-date details about the skills and qualifications of employees.

HR metrics developed by Lazear may be a good start since allows the of the net value of employees contribution and cost to be calculated (Banfield & Kay, 2008) Q3) consider the following two possible case study questions On training and development, using information and ideas from Banfield & Kay ch. 10. What type of training would be suitable for newly recruited or promoted Garden Centre Managers? Garden Centre Managers should go over standard training and development programs but since they are specializing managers, HR should give them more specific training on their field.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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