Essays on The Workforce and Organisation Culture of Unique Supplies Ltd Case Study

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The paper 'The Workforce and Organisation Culture of Unique Supplies Ltd" is a good example of a management case study. The following report was compiled by Roger Clifton a senior buyer at Unique Supplies (Wales) Ltd, on 25th April 2016. The report examines how personnel attitude, de-motivation, lack of teamwork and a bureaucratic company culture affect the operations of Unique Supplies. It will also put across suggestions on how teamwork can be used to improve personnel morale and how standard operating procedures can be used for the benefit of Unique Supplies.

It will be presented to Mrs. Alice James the chief executive officer Unique Supplies (Wales) Ltd, on 28th April 2016. PROCEDURES The following report was structured from information collected by carrying out the procedures listed below. A detailed case study of Unique Supplies (Wales) Ltd was examined and critical points were pointed out. Applicable theories on organization structure, culture, personnel morale, teamwork and technology were researched and applied. The recommendation was drawn from applicable theories stated above with special concern on how teamwork would be used for the benefit of Unique Supplies (Wales) Ltd. PART ONE The increase in size and complexity of organizations' operations has led to high demand for strategies to ensure effective organization administration which in turn has brought about bureaucracy. According to Max Weber bureaucracy can be defined in form of characteristics such as hierarchical authorities that apply to the organization of offices and positions, a clear-cut line between labor and high-level specialization, with emphasis on administration based on expertise and regulations. Stewart summarized four key pointers that constitute bureaucracy namely a structured hierarchy of authority, a system of regulations, high levels of job specialization and personalization. A bureaucratic organization is one that is governed by standard operating procedures that are based on a strict, clearly defined hierarchical structure.

An organization whose structure, rules and regulations reduce the efficiency of the workflow by being rigid and more time consuming yet they are not adding value to the operations or consumers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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