Essays on Making of the Request for Proposal Assignment

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The paper "Making of the Request for Proposal" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation by an organization, or company whose interests are based on commodity procurement, service or even valuable asset to potential suppliers for the sake of business proposal submission. The county of Spokane requires a contractor to provide carnival services for the Spokane County Interstate Fair. Below is the budget that Spokane County has drawn for this project. Competitive procurement will be used in the bidding process.

The non-professional nature of this project makes the method suitable. The method will ensure that applicants present the lowest possible charges in their proposals. The associated transparency is also a plus. This will be achieved through a restricted tendering method so that only qualified agencies will be considered. It will also save time and money that would otherwise have been used in processing tender applications from unsuitable agencies. A list of preferred agencies will be drawn up, using a pre-defined guideline. Agencies on the invitation list will then be contacted and invited to bid.

The tender applications will then be reviewed by a panel. The cost of the project during the entire contract period is an aspect that will be factored in the selection process. Since the carnival project is a business venture, it is necessary that the project costs minimum, so as to achieve maximum profit. Applications that are less costly will be favored. Submissions with a clear outline of expenses and profits are encouraged. Quality service providers will also be considered by the panel. One of the fair program goals is to provide quality entertainment that epitomizes the positive family experience that is traditional with the Spokane Interstate Fair.

Therefore, all tender submissions will undergo a quality assurance check. Applications that do not meet quality standards will be rejected, even when they would have resulted in lower costs if approved. Agencies will also be required to provide documentation of tenders they have been awarded in the past, if available. Agencies with a good reputation in handling contracts of a similar magnitude and nature will also be favorably considered in the tendering process.

Such applicants are more likely to perform a better job in providing the required carnival services. Submittals from minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprises will also be favored. Risk management was considered in the making of the Request For Proposal (RFP). An allocation was made for contingency costs in the budget. This is good practice since it enables unforeseen negative impacts on the venture to be catered for. Budget planning in itself is a part of risk management since by anticipating costs and profits before-hand, the risk of running into losses is eliminated.

Security risks are dealt with by making an allocation for security costs in the budget. This is in anticipation of any security breaches that may occur on the grounds of the carnival.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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