Essays on IPCE Network Upgrade Assignment

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The paper "IPCE Network Upgrade" is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. This document examines a case project where a company called IPCEaims to upgrade its network. Part 1 of this document explores whether replacing hubs with switches makes the network faster. It also explores whether the use of routers between each switch will improve performance, as well as other configuration options IPCE may consider. Part 2 of this document explores whether hardware needs for upgrading the networks have been met. This is under the assumption that IPCE has ordered 9 Cisco 2600 routers and 10 Cisco 1900 routers.

IPCE is also assumed to grow by 100% over the next five years. Part 3 of this document proposes a VLAN solution for the broadcast domains. This includes router interface details, switch interface details, a network address for each network segment and indicates the number of possible hosts per network. A company called IPCE decides to upgrade their LAN configuration from 5 hubs and one router to one that implements 10 switches. The company wants to divide their ten departments into separate entities, with routers between each switch.

Therefore, this divides the broadcast domains between the switches (Caballero, 2003). IPCE Company is unsure of how to implement their ideas; thus, they employ Windows Networks for consulting services. Part 1Will Replacing the Hubs with Switches Make the Network Faster? Why or Why Not? If hubs are replaced with switches, the performance of the network segments improves significantly. Frames coming into the network segment are duplicated to all devices ports regardless of whether the host requested them or not, thus, increasing network activity.

Hubs share bandwidth between multiple devices connected to its ports such that if many devices are transmitting data, the bandwidth is distributed among the devices. Hubs also use a half-duplex transmission mode (Caballero, 2003). Switches, on the other hand, can detect the device with which data needs to be transmitted, thus, minimizing network traffic. The full bandwidth in switches is available to all ports at the same rate. Also, switches use a full-duplex transmission mode. Will having a Router between Each Switch Improve Performance? Why or why Not? Performance is improved.

This is because the routers share the backlog of having to route network traffic, by perhaps working with a backbone router to produce an efficient routing table. What other options for configuring its network should IPCE consider? IPCE should consider using a hierarchical routing mechanism where routing levels are determined by how the company intends to structure its departments and for future expansion. Part 2 Will the hardware IPCE have ordered meet their needs? If not, what would you suggest? The hardware ordered is not enough. IPCE should order 1 or more Cisco 2600 router.

This is to ensure that the initial requirement that each network segment maintains its broadcast segment is met. Other routers may be used to implement Hierarchical routing. Part 3The assumption here is that internet connection is through router 1, perhaps the IT department.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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