Essays on Standards for Good Quality Management Systems Essay

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The paper "Standards for Good Quality Management Systems" is a great example of an essay on management. ISO 9000 is a collection of different standards that sets out guidelines for good quality management systems. It reflects the global standards of quality management that are accepted on a worldwide level. The ISO standards are basically used to set up an effective quality management system. (ISO 9000- Essentials) They are employed to fulfill customer’ s expectations by enhancing the quality of a product and by satisfying the demands of a customer in an appropriate way.

Moreover, they also aim that an organization should move fluently towards achieving its objectives through efficient management. ISO standards are very beneficent for organizations. As they set out quality goals and objectives for an organization they allow the organization to work fluidly in pursuit of its goal. Under these standards, the managerial process of an organization is evaluated consistently and this evaluation results in better performance by employees and managers with minor or no errors. After this evaluation, an organization can also alter its goals according to the performance of its employees.

These standards also lead towards better and long term relationship with the customers by improving customer satisfaction activities. (ISO 9000- Quality Management)Most of the employees face difficulties in performing a particular task according to the ISO standards as they do not understand the task which they have to perform and in addition to that they also face a difficulty in understanding the procedure according to which the task has to be performed and this misunderstanding leads towards scrap work and errors which have to be rectified again and again.

In order to get rid of this problem, ISO has made it mandatory for all the organizations to set up a training program under which the employees are trained to work in compliance with ISO standards. I would put forward the advantages of ISO standards in order to persuade the manager. The ways in which they can enhance the management and working procedures of an organization through which it can achieve its objectives efficiently. I would say that an organization can make a major increase in its clientele and customers by following these standards as they give us the guidelines through which an organization can satisfy the wants and demands of its customers in a better way.

ISO standards reflect the ways through which an organization can turn its management into a premium quality management system. They set out the path by following which an organization can enhance the qualities of its management and workforce and can deduct the scrap work and errors which can consume its valuable time in a nonproductive way. It leads the organization towards better management, better customers and better profits.

(Benefits of ISO 9000)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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