Essays on Unit 4 Lab 1 Coursework

Unit 4 Lab The backup of data entails a strategic approach towards achieving a methodical utilized in copying and eventually recovering organizational data resourcefully. The business in this case scenario would require an upgrade on the current system. This would in the long run ensure the business organizations data is accessible on a day-to-day and functional basis. The back solution criteria after an assessment review comprises of the following activities:
Equipment Recommended
Servers (Backup Systems)
These devices can involve the addition of storage space preferably off the business premises in other locations to minimize on the risk of catastrophe. Storage space entails disks that offer faster access and recovery of data.
The data storage locations or Servers would have an upgrade, for instance, new Cisco Servers :
Server Room: Server 1: 50GB – upgrade to 1 Terabyte
Server Room: Server 2: 100GB – upgrade to 2 Terabyte
Accounting Dept.: Server 3: 10GB – upgrade to 500GB
The approximated pricing for acquisition and installation of storage disks amounts to $ 2000 in expenses for the business
Backup Software
Backup software for example advanced SQL and DBMS offer or ensure the protection of critical data regardless if it is positioned in virtual or physical environments. Exceptional software provides continuous data protection (CDP) for both databases and file servers.
Estimated software acquisition and installation costs - $ 800
Network Cables
Provide connection links between multiple and different devices within the network. Let us say, for example, Ethernet cables. Estimated cabling costs - $ 500.
Strong or Stable Internet
A stable uplink and downlink for the network has to be established so as to facilitate and factoring the future increase in traffic. Therefore, increasing the internet bandwidth would be advantageous.
Estimated Internet bandwidth increase (12 Mbps) subscription costs - $ 500
Location of the Equipment in the Network
The location of the equipment within the network would be decentralized for the backup servers where some of the storage devices will be place off the premises to reduce the risk for data loss via theft or natural catastrophes like storms.
The network system will be appropriately configured with a dedicated bandwidth of 12 Mbps form the ISP while following all the configuration protocols for all the network layers before deployment.
Backup media Utilized
The media utilized in accomplishing the system upgrade majorly involve the introduction of new servers that are to offer additional hosting space for the company data.
The system hardware and software used offer data de-duplication which decreases redundancy and saves energy and storage costs.
Backup schedule
Conducted between 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM the following day for all working days.
Backup and restore procedure
The Company Data is initially backed up on the respective back up devices and systems both on the site and off site servers.
The data restoration is achieved either via moving the data physically on tapes or portable (removable) hard drives to another location electronically. This is only done in the event of an authorization and validation of the system user in the system staff database.
The data can then be replicated to a satellite location or cloud partner.
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