Essays on The Right Mix of Skills Essay

The paper "The Right Mix of Skills " is an outstanding example of an essay on business. A team is a group of people organized to work together toward the achievement of a goal. (Knapp, p. 392, 2011) As a team works together to achieve a common goal, the team moves through different stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing. For a team to reach the performing stage, it must have team players. Team players are critical to the success of any group, of any service department, of any organization.

A team working together has different individuals who are assigned specific roles. From my experiences, I have been assigned the role of an implementer on most of the occasions. I enjoy this role since naturally, I am an organized person. My role in the team was to look for ways by which the ideas raised by the team can be implemented either by using existing methods or coming up with innovative ones. The role of the new applicant who is being interviewed will be that of the front line service provider. The applicant will be required to interact directly with external customers. The interviewee is expected to handle the customer’s requests and queries. In addition, the interviewee can resolve contacts or if unable, route it to other analysts. The importance of teamwork cannot be overstated. Working as a team maximizes the individual strengths of the team members. Teamwork creates a synergy that results in a better working environment for the team and thus, they can be flexible and responsive to the various customer demands. The right mix of skills is the backbone for the persons working in the service desk. In order to achieve outstanding customer service and support, individuals must possess the right mix of skills. Through the self-management skills, a person becomes organized, and they continuously acquire new skills that would improve their technical skills. These technical skills enhance literacy on the products and technology used by a person working at the service desk (Knapp, 2011). Hence, the employees can effectively communicate with the customers. The communication skills allow effective communication between the service desk and the customer. Better communication ensures that customers queries or requests. Business skills enhance the general professional environment by enabling people who possess this skill to understand industry knowledge and speak the business language.