Essays on Mail Distribution Job Recruitment Procedure Assignment

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The paper "Mail Distribution Job Recruitment Procedure" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Each organization always has a project to which they follow in the recruitment of employees. The project also serves in the selection process of employees. In the mail distribution center, a protocol needs to be followed in the recruitment and selection of new employees. The time allocated for the preparation of the project is three weeks for the implementation in the local mail distribution center. The mail distribution center according to the scope management plan, we have the scope management ensuring that the work required by the mail distribution center has been rendered.

The scope management plan controlled by the project manager who ensures that the scope management is effective. The scope management plan in the project is meant for ensuring a smooth flow of activities by the employees. Activity 2. Project stakeholders. Project leader In the project, there are several stakeholders who are to make the project a success. Each member of the stakeholder's team has a role to play due to their individual interest on the project.

The leading stakeholder is the project leader. He is the one who has been mandated to head all the activities to be carried out by the team in formulating a process or protocol to be followed in the recruitment or new employees in the local mail distribution agency. Besides, he plans on what the project is to entail and what is to be neglected by the team (Fried, 2010). The project manager has the power to control, lead and define the project as well as plan it. The interests of the project manager include controlling all activities of the team as well as planning them.

Their interest is to ensure everything the team is aimed at the success of the development of a new staff recruitment and selection process. All powers and authority over the project and the stakeholder's team is given to the project manager. Project team members. The team members form the largest part of the stakeholder's team in a project. They are responsible for the production of deliverables as the project progresses. They also form part of the project management process since they are participants there also.


Fried, Y., & Ferris, G. R. (2010) The validity of the job characteristics model: A review and metaanalysis. Personnel phsychology, 40(2) 287-322
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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