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The paper "Evaluation of David Jones Ltd" is a perfect example of a business case study. Notably, the Australian apparel industry is small but burgeoning. Many retail companies are now being opened in various Australian cities and internationally. With over thirty-nine stores, David Jones is one of the biggest department stores in Australia and offers a myriad of brands associated with typically fashion and beauty. As such this report gives an evaluation of the company with regard to its management and human relations practices. To achieve this, the report will give an account of both practical and theoretical approaches accordingly. Evaluation Established in 1838, David Jones, which is also known as DJs, is a publicly held company owned by Woolworths Holdings Limited, a South African Company.

Woolworth Holding Ltd bought the company from David Jones’ s shareholders in April 2014. However, Woolworth maintained the name David Jones Ltd. Prior to its acquisition, the company had thirty-nine stores in different Australian territories and states. Woolworth has successfully operated in Australia for more than fifteen years through its subsidiary known as Country Road Group.

Accordingly, Woolworth resorted to acquiring DJs as part of its plan to develop and expand its local South African supply chain, therefore, enhancing the Southern African Development Community Exports (Woolworthsholdings. co. za, 2015). David Jones’ board of directors resolved unanimously for the recommendation of David Jones shareholders to vote in favor of the acquisition scheme. Though the agreement was reached in absence of a superior proposal, the independent expert hired concluded that the scheme was reasonable and fair to the shareholders (Pappu & Quester, 2008). Woolworth is a renowned chain of retail stores providing discerning patrons a selected range of high-quality apparel, beauty products, financial services as well as food.

In addition, the company is publicly held and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange operating under the code JSE: WHL (Woolworthsholdings. co. za, 2015).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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