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The paper "Leadership, Innovation & Change" is a perfect example of management coursework. The success of every organization greatly depends on the type of leadership that the organization adopts. The organizational structure of the organization dictates the operations and responsibilities of every member of the organization. Of great significance to the operations of the organization are the leaders of the organization. Effective leadership is paramount for the prosperity of any organization. In fact, though employees always play a great role in organizational success, proper and appropriate guidance to these employees is highly significant.

This is because without guidance and leadership, the employees, however smart, cannot lead to the success of the organization. Therefore, most organizations are always judged by the kind of leadership they present. Organizations such as Google Inc owe a major portion of their success to its leaders. Effective leadership is thus paramount to any organization. In that light, this Article aims at providing relevance of the importance of effective leadership to the success of organizations. It is thus also important to look at the qualities required to be a good leader too.

Therefore, this paper focuses on discussing the relevant characteristics of good leadership. Mission-oriented An organization cannot operate without having a mission. The mission defines what the organization strives to achieve. In fact, a mission statement of an organization is what defines the purpose of the existence of the organization. Therefore, in developing a mission, considerations must be put on the clarity and descriptiveness of the purpose of the organization. This indicates that the mission of an organization needs to be stated clearly and should be abstract.

The simplicity of the mission dictates a lot about the organization. In order for this to be achieved, the organizational leadership must ensure that they are mission-oriented. The leadership must define and know their mission. Every employee that joins an organization must learn from the organizational leadership he/she meets with. This, therefore, indicates that every leader within an organization must act as an example to the employees in fulfilling the mission of the organization. The leadership of an organization must define the organizational mission. This is more evident in various successful organizations and corporations (Ocheni, et al, 2012).

One of these great organizations is Google Inc. Google Inc was founded in 1998, but any person looking at the progress of the company right now, will not believe that it actually started in this year. Google’ s mission is “ to organize the world’ s information and make it universally accessible and useful. ” It is unimaginable how through the leadership of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the organization has strived to its mission. It is currently one of the most successful corporations in the whole world. This success is highly owed to the dedication of the leadership of this organization.

As the founders, they act as examples to the rest of the employees. This did instil that culture to the employees (Ocheni, et al, 2012). The employees cannot manage to be mission-disoriented since the leadership is greatly mission-oriented. Therefore, for the success of an organization, being mission-oriented is an effective leadership quality that must exist.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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