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Essays on Unlimited Travel International - Detailed Marketing Plan to Gain the Company's Competitiveness in the Tourist Market Case Study

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The paper “ Unlimited Travel International - Detailed Marketing Plan to Gain the Company’ s Competitiveness in the Tourist Market" is an exciting version of a case study on marketing. UTI has currently identified some potential locations for its offices. The potential locations are situated in Sydney, Tasmania, and Brisbane and have an adequate population for tourism success. The areas measure between 800 to 1000 square feet. UTI should be considered as an agency delivering all services and which sells standard goods as well as services offered by travel agencies, including travel packages along with airfare.

Other services are passport assistance, provision of best equipment as well as supplies, and also superior provisions comprising above-average entertainment, terrain, activities, and accommodation. UTI has a value-added on its familiarity, specialty focus, expertise, and competitive rates. The main concern for Adventure Travel entails hard and soft adventure, both of which involve active activities. Entailed in the hard adventure are activities involving risk, confidence, and competence. Soft adventure is quite the opposite. Economic indicators, as also stated in ABS. (2009), point to increased adventure travel demand, and the company aims to offer the market the best quality, full-service travel packages, including numerous sporting trips.

As a top-quality provider in the market, the company will deal with the top-notch professionals having established backgrounds. In the case of supplier failure to adhere to the company specifications, their product and services shall be terminated. 12 Marketing Programs: With details of clients’ addresses, residence and occupation available, both traditional and modern marketing methods will be utilized. Internet communication will be quite utilized depending on market research outcomes. Sales extension to the national and global arena will take effect as soon as resources and opportunities are available. 19 Corporate Social Responsibility: To improve lives of individuals, contribute to, and develop the community sustainably, UTI will support several projects having long-term community benefits including education, cleanliness and health campaigns. 20 Tourism has a greater impact on the lives of the citizens.

It creates job opportunities as well as other forms of investments which are basically aimed at improving the living standards of the local community. The growth of tourism is mainly attributed to reduced restriction of movements of people across the borders.

Unlimited Travels International (UTI) is a company that has decided to venture into the business to explore the available opportunities. Due to its adequate capital base and qualified staff members, the company aims at exploring the available opportunities in the sector to ensure that the highest set objectives are efficiently met. 1.10 ServicesServices and products that UTI will initially provide are pre-arranged tours, travel consultation; custom packages designed according to customer specifications, consultations on traveling, and also will make lodging reservations including the related services. 1.12 FoundersThe UTI founders are George Collimore, MBA, Jerry Jordans, MBA, Charles McMark, MBA.

On top of the MBA status, the founders of UTI are travel industry professionals with higher experience and who are also passionate about services UTI seeks to promote as well as offer. The staff that will be employed will also possess higher experience in the industry and will also be highly qualified in order for the company to effectively compete with other established tourism giants. UTI is just about to penetrate a highly lucrative market within the growing industry.

The existing trend towards the increasing tourist numbers entering and mostly leaving Australia for other destinations present UTI a greater opportunity of entering the market. 1.13. OpportunityThe opportunity for successful UTI entrance and operation exists mainly because tourism has been noted as a rapidly growing industry and with about 5% annual growth. In this, however, adventure travel experiences a 16% growth annually, according to OECD (2010). Currently, there are a small number of providers offering these services to upscale clients. There are also less than 5000 provides of these services in the industry that experiences such significant growth.

Moderate competition is experienced in the portion of city travel.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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