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The paper "International Marketing Research Challenges" is a great example of a marketing essay. Due to the increased expansion of businesses within the international markets, it has become critical for managers to recognize the value of timely and accurate business marketing research to enhance their decision-making processes. Studies indicate that research to foster decisions made in international marketing has passed through stages and must continuously change to support contemporary firms. As a result, businesses are faced with the challenges of how to develop sustainable strategies that anticipate and effectively respond to the rapid changes across the global markets.

This implies that the information needs of various businesses are as well changing that result in complex and diverse business processes. Therefore, it becomes clear that more timely and accurate information is required to ensure that an adequate basis is maintained for day-to-day business operations and decision-making. However, the major challenge is faced on how to chart businesses’ processes at a faster pace in a highly turbulent as well as the competitive environment (Craig & Douglas 2001). The three major challenges discussed in this study include, it is a requirement that the objectives of international market research must be closely aligned with the emerging opportunities outside the developed countries.

The need to develop and conduct competent research that covers more diversified research environments is yet another requirement that poses great challenges to contemporary businesses. It is also critical for international marketing researchers to adopt creative approaches that can investigate the cultural requirements of behavior based on today’ s technological advances. The need to align the research efforts and capabilities with the growing market potentials It has been established that expenditures on marketing research often concentrate within the developed countries, particularly those in North America, Japan and Europe that account for the current size and growth of such markets.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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