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The paper "Corporate Investment Decisions" is a great example of an assignment on finance and accounting. The ASX 8 principle proved that companies must provide full discourses of the financial statement as well as respecting the right of shareholders. The composition of the board of directors must be adequate as well as there is ethical and responsible decision making within the organization. The principle further provides that integrity of the financial reporting must be upheld and there must exist timely and balance disclosure of the financial statement. The managers are required to manage business risk as well as promote fair remuneration, which depicts a correlation with the performance. Whether each company has adopted the ASX CGC principles and recommendation Federation center The compliance of ASX standards is evidently depicted in the annual financial report of the federation center as observed in the Governance division of the federation center annual report.

The business is dedicated to assuring that it rules, charter, as well as practices, depict a better behavior and compliance on corporate governance. The board evaluates as well as updates the corporate governance principles since the corporate governance environment and practice change each financial year.

The Board of directors of the business, therefore, functions under a set of improved corporate governance guiding principles of the corporation act and the ASX. The corporate governance principle as well as procedures for the business are appraised as well as restructured where appropriate each financial year. The business consequently considers that they comply with the prerequisite of the ASX CGC standard. Cochlear limited The financial statement of Cochlear limited adheres to the ASX CGC principle. This is portrayed in the yearly report of the corporation under the corporate governance report.

The business is committed to making certain that its rules and procedures depict excellent governance as well as that there is fulfillment with each corporate authority requirement relevant to Australian corporation as per the ASX AGC principle the checklist of the prerequisite is set out in the compliance report. The link between corporate governance and performance The largest part of the investigation demonstrates that there is no association between corporate governance and performance. The businesses might have performed better if they had been mandated to assume the whole ASX principle as well as a recommendation because the company performance is vulnerable to further external even though the business is entirely complying with the performance of the corporation.

Factors such as the effect of inflation could affect company performance as much as the company is fully updated with the ASX CGS guidance and recommendation. The potential link between ASX principles adopted by the two companies the historical performance The financial statement for both companies depicts an improvement in the business consequential from compliance with the ASX principle.

This is due to the fact that full disclosure of the financial report, as well as ethical and responsible decision making, makes the business an ideal investment hub to investors, as well as the availability of the timely and balanced financial report, enable investors to appraise business performance as well as provides them with an opportunity of investing in the company based on the timely information provided. Question two The performance benchmarks of executives the short term and long term salary The remuneration principle provides companies must guarantee that the level as well the composition of remuneration is adequate as well as realistic and that there is a connection with the performance.

In this regard, the principle provides that the board shall set up a remuneration committee, which must be structured so that it entails a majority of independent executives chaired by the independent directors as well. The business as well distinguishes between the executive and non-executive salary as well as ensure that the salary report is provided in the guide to reporting principle. Performance benchmarks for the executives of the two companies over the 5-year period Federation Centers The performance and remuneration report for Federation Centers provides an all-inclusive considerate of the relationship between managerial pay and the performance of the executives.

the benchmark as a result provides a comprehensible as well as a suitable stand that can be used in evaluating the executive directors in view of the fact that the benchmark is appropriate because it deems both the internal and external performance assessment and the performance hurdles. The business provides an association with performance metrics based on three years historic and consequently it is considered as well organized. Performance metrics 2014   2013 2012 Security price as at 30 June 2.49 2.37 1.98 Distribution declared per security 15.3 14.1 6.5 S& P 2OO index 11.1 24.2 10.8   Cochlear limited The remuneration report for cochlear limited makes certain that extremely skillful and competent executives are motivated and maintain in the company.

Fixed remuneration for executives is concluded at considering the skills and understanding of the individual with consideration to the outside and internal factors that influence the remuneration and performance of the executive’ s precise the market circumstances. The business’ s risk management plan assumed is anticipated to help the organization to aspire for superior performance.

This probable by gratifying the accomplishment of objective that is intricate, undoubtedly distinct as well as understood and converse successfully within the area of accountability of the executives. Whether disclosure of executive remuneration was clear and appropriate The remuneration of the business administration for both companies is appropriate and connected to the performance in view of the fact that merely the performing division and directors are rewarded for the job well done. Remuneration and performance are appropriately linked   The remuneration report for both companies provides a connection between performance and salary pay in compliance with ASX 8 on fair remuneration and accountability.

It can clearly be observed that executives are paid fixed amount with bonus for exemplary performance in ensuring that the company generate more revenue or improves its business operation. As a result, the link between remuneration and performance is evident in both companies. Question three The principles of good corporate governance for NFPs for ASX listed companies The dissimilarity between the public listed companies and not for profit organization governance are apparent and they serve diverse interest group. The ASX companies are mandated to depict comprehensive and conclusive compliance with good governance as per the ASX guidelines and are susceptible to greater inspection.

Independence is therefore a key dissimilarity. The ASX companies bestow the liability ion case of business shut down to shareholders and thus the owners lose their investment. NFP is more probable to refinanced by donors. The dissimilarity between the responsibilities of NFP boards and advisory committees is: in the later, the executive board is not perceived as a representative institution but is chosen, generally by the NFP committee to be accountable for the vision of the organization and supervising its implementation.

Composition of board. The board must have the required group of individual with the right skill and proficiency as well as the manner to which individually contribute to the collective ability as well as efficient functioning of the board while for ASX listed companies, The composition of the committee should be non-executive directors, independent directors with at least three embers, and they Safeguard the integrity in a financial statement as well as Respecting for the right of shareholders.

Every business should appreciate and respect the right of the shareholders as well as exercise effectiveness of the right at all times. An independent structure must exist in the business to ensure that independent verification and integrity of their financial reporting. This is achievable where the company has an established board of audit committees as well as with a formal charter. Why there are differences between the two sets of principles The above two principles are very different by the virtue of the nature of the business operation. NFP are organizations registered to provide humanitarian services and not to earn any profit from services rendered and thus they do not have shareholders while ASX listed companies are registered to do business that will maximize shareholders' wealth.

It can be observed that the company corporate principles majorly focused on the company performance and disclosure of the ASX requirement such as the financial report disclosure, the corporate governance report, as well as the right of shareholders. The not for profit organization will majorly focus on the duties of the board of directors in ensuring there are accountability and transparency of the organization.

This difference is brought about by the nature of the business and its reporting disclosures and consequently, the governance report won’ t be the same since a company is registered to trade in business that makes a profit and maximize shareholders wealth while a not for profit organization is registered to deal with humanitarian activities aimed at making no profit from the activities other than proving services aimed at improving the lives of individual.      


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