Essays on Empirically Assessing Consumers' Reasonable Expectations Assignment

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The paper "Empirically Assessing Consumers' Reasonable Expectations" is a good example of a Marketing Assignment. Among the developing and most growing industries in the world are the service industry; this field largely is involved in the provision of services to people through online and physical direct services. Particularly the travel and hotel industry is under immense growth as the world is slowly turning to be a global village. Day in day out, more airlines are being brought into the market, which means more competition in the field. Like in any other market, the forces of supply and demand affect how business is conducted.

Shortly after the 2007 and 2008 world financial crisis, people become more attentive to their costs where they are always looking for products and services that are relatively cheap and also provide much satisfaction. This is commonly done as a measure and means to save more money. Here when doing an internet search the common keyword that is used to find such relatively cheap flights could be “ cheap flights. ” After the insertion of the keywords in the search engines, the first results that appeal are dreams, Vueling, expand and Skyscanner among others.

At the 18th position, I choose Iberia to express to use in this case study. Company overview Iberia Express is a Spanish airline that is owned by the Iberia, which is (the flag carrier of Spain) the company is known as it is identified as a Spanish low-cost airline. The airline operates both short and medium-haul routes from its mother airline hub at the Suarez Madrid and Barajas airport in Spain. Iberia also provides feeder flights onto the Iberia long haul network. The Iberia express began its operation in march 2012; the company has grown to become one of the top four airlines that people use to fly out of the Madrid Barajas Airport.

Based on the information provided by the flight stats study, the airline is a renowned company that has a reputation as it tops other European airlines in terms of effective customer handling and punctuality (Argenta, 2015). The IOS Mobile app Just like how any other website works the mobile application has the ability to allow the users the ability to access the company’ s services where the user can go through and peruse all the services.

The application acts as a self-service platform where the customer does not need to communicate with company customer care services. At any time, one can log in, see any changes compare prices from the company to other companies offering the same products and services hence make an effective and economical decision pertaining to travel arrangement. Moreover, the users can also book flights at the convenience of their homes, offices or any other places since the app allows the user to pay for the flights and get a seat allocated even before stepping into the aircraft.

Additionally, the users can also check-in and manage any reservations be it hotel and accommodation and tax. Customers are also allowed to make a sign-up or login in the Iberia express club. By signing into the club, the user is given a chance to enjoy outstanding special advantages and benefits such the exclusive offers, discounted prices, lowest prices and other available promotions


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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