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Answer US Patriotic Act was created in 2001 so as to safeguard American citizens’ interests and to make them feel safe emotionally, physically and politically (USPA, 2001). The Act was created in response to 9/11 terrorist attack and uses latest technologies to anticipate, preempt, detect and deter threats to the homeland and its people from terrorist attacks, natural disasters or any other emergency. It was made more rigorous and extra statutes were included with wide ranging terrorists relating offences like deliberate and destructive activity against the state or its people resulting in loss of life or property, money laundering, surveillance and detention of people under suspect of terrorist activities etc.

with capital punishment introduced. In the contemporary times, terrorism has become hi-tech and exploits technology to commit intended and premeditated violence against innocent people. Terrorists use coercive tactics and unlawful intimidation. Using technology based information and gadgets they harm public and destroy public property in order to make governments and authorities to meet their vested political demands. They are using technologies to access confidential information and hacking governments’ websites to make them vulnerable to their demands.

The cyber terrorism has increasingly become a major menace for the innocent people and governments at large. This has resulted in new ethical compulsions that required introduction of stringent laws to counteract the technology based terrorist activities Patriot Act facilitates various inter-related federal and state agencies to use technologies like computers, internet, hi-tech surveillance methods and tools etc. to track suspect activities of terrorists which could adversely impact the interests of the American people. The hi-tech surveillance includes tracking of email, phone etc. of the suspects who may be directly or indirectly involved in the terrorism.

The electronic surveillance also exploits sophisticated gadgets to keep track of the mobility and financial transactions of suspects. Aviation industry extensively uses CAPP II to screen air bound passenger of both domestic and international airlines. The use of CAPP II (computer assisted passengers prescreening system) using fingerprint and biometric indicators, have been made compulsory. National security and commercial databases are used to assess risk and identify passengers for extra screening raising concern about privacy rights and civil liberties (TSA, 2001). The advancing technology has not only benefited general public but unfortunately, it is also being exploited by the terrorist outfits to create terror and instability among the masses.

It is true that sometimes, use of technology by the law enforcement may infringe on the civil liberties of the public. But in their larger interests, the government needs to use these measures to anticipate and deter the moves of the terrorists and help prevent any damage to lives and properties of the state. It is therefore, an essential element of Patriot Act which ensures that latest technologies and resources are used judiciously and expertly to maintain vigil against terrorist acts.

The law is designed to protect the interests of its citizens. It also ensure the safety of its property like its vast water and land infrastructure like rail and road transport system, water system etc. against any terrorist act. These are few of the critical ethical issues that had necessitated the creation of the Act. (words: 527) Reference Transport Security: Post September 11th Initiatives and Long Term Challenges. Retrieved from http: //www. gao. gov/new. items/d03616t. pdf US Patriot Act.

Retrieved from http: //www. fincen. gov/statutes_regs/patriot/index. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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