Essays on Use of Integrated Marketing Communications in Marketing of Coopers Brewery Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Use of Integrated Marketing Communications in Marketing of Coopers Brewery Ltd" is a good example of a case study on marketing. The success of the company is largely attributed to the marketing strategies it employs. The company employs niche marketing strategies that capitalize on the family nature of the firm and emphasis on the premium nature of its products. The integrated market communication strategy applied by the company has played a great role in the success of the company since its inception. Through the strategy, the company is able to manage customer relationships which drive brand value primarily through communication efforts.

The efforts create and nourish profitable relationships with customers as well as other stakeholders through strategically controlling and influencing messages sent to target customers. The integrated marketing communications (IMC) helps in maximizing the impact the company’ s promotional efforts have on end-users at a minimum cost. This has the effect of increasing sales while at the same time reducing the overall cost incurred resulting in improved profitability. The use of IMC in marketing helps Coopers Brewery wrap communications around customers and help them through various stages of the buying process.

The company simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and natures its relationship with customers. This cements a bond of royalty with customers which protects them from the inevitable onslaught competition (Shridha, 2008). For example, the niche marketing strategy employed by the company helps in retaining customers for life hence leading to a competitive advantage over other breweries. The establishment of a loyalty scheme named coopers club as part of the IMC has also greatly helped in strengthening the bond between the company and its customers hence ensuring that they are royal to the Coopers brand.

This has ensured that the company has a base of 6000 customers who are shielded from competitors as they feel part of Cooper’ s family. Integrated marketing communications strategy employed by the company also helps in increasing the company’ s profits through enhanced effectiveness. In all the company’ s marketing efforts, a unified message is conveyed. The IMC is greatly centered on the history and tradition of the company. This is seen in the presentation of the company’ s history in its website and marketing collateral including flyers, the physical design of the company’ s products which have a traditional feel as well as the company’ s logo.

The naming of the company’ s products also conveys the same message and gives a traditional feel of Cooper’ s products when compared to competing brands hence giving the company a competitive edge. This unified message has a greater impact than a disjointed myriad of messages (John, 2006). In the busy breweries industry, consolidated and crystal clear messages such as the ones conveyed by Coopers has a greater chance of cutting through the noise of the numerous commercial messages.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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