Essays on Use of Promotion Tools on a Web Site Assignment

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The paper "Use of Promotion Tools on a Web Site" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. At present, almost all organizations use web-based tools and technologies to effectively manage their business operations. In addition, a lot of businesses also offer special consumer promotions on their websites. This paper will assess the promotional strategies of four web-based business platforms. This paper will assess the web-based business and promotions of the following given websites: Taco Bell  Papa John’ s  Quaker Oats  Hershey’ s  The web sites mentioned above contain information about different food companies. In this scenario, different companies are using these websites to promote their business.

These web sites contain promotional information regarding the company’ s products. The first web site is Taco Bell, which is an online food shop that offers a variety of fast foodstuff using its web-based platform. This website contains a bright user interface that attracts the users in the first look and offers a better image of the website in front of users of the website. At this web site, users can see a variety of business products along with their pricing list.

Additionally, this business also makes use of social networks for promoting its business. In addition, this website also uses gift card based promotions to attract a lot of customer groups. The second web site that I am going to analyze in this paper is Papa John’ s. It is an online pizza shop. This website offers different kinds of pizza products. This website contains information regarding products along with prices. In this way, business is making profitable use of its web site. However, the user interface of this website is static that looks dull.

On the other hand, this business also uses an email-based business promotional marketing strategy that enables the customers to access business information regarding current promotions and products. The third website that I am going to analyze is Quaker Oats. This website contains information about health food products. This website offers products with a feel for healthy products. This website uses a combination of web-based business promotions and social network-based business promotions. This website also offers an email facility and special discount services based publicities. The fourth website I am going to analyze is Hershey’ s website.

This website is an online platform for the promotion of Milk Chocolate. This website contains information about a number of Milk Chocolate products. Additionally, the company also advertises its products through email. In addition, this web site contains an online ordering system for attracting more customers. Thus, this web-based platform is very effective for a business to attract customers. At present, a web site is an excellent tool for promoting business and attracting new customers. Thus, seeing the importance of a web site now more and more businesses are developing web-based platforms.

This paper has analyzed four web sites. All these web sites are using different online business marketing strategies and techniques. These websites are offering information regarding their products.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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