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The paper "Electronic Mexico Business Process" is a perfect example of a business case study. Electronic Mexico (EM) has to envisage and incorporate business processes to accomplish its goals and objectives. There is a collection of structured and related activities that take core to produce the electronic and offer the services that ensure customer satisfaction as well as leveraging the company’ s strengths and opportunities. Business operation is organized in a flowchart with a sequence of activities that marks different decision points and relevant rules based on the unique nature through which the organization functions.

In this discussion, through the use of the Enterprise Social Network diagram and Business Activity Model, we are going to see how activities are performed in Mexico Electronica and highlight the most important technological choices that support its functions. • An Enterprise Social Network (ESN) diagram The ESN diagram shows the process from its adoption and three major aspects that are considered to ensure that the enterprise social network is thriving. Leadership with a purpose and incentive tools, core interaction elements like technologies and knowledge of culture and community dynamics are taken as major parts that contribute to successful Enterprise Social Network.

The goal is to reach the new community who are potential customers. Fig 1.0: Danelutti, S 15 June 2012, “ ESN Success: Give People What They Want, But Don’ t Forget Strategy’ , Retrieved: https: //about. yammer. com/yammer-blog/esn-success-give-people-what-they-want-but-dont-forget-strategy/ [1 May 2014]. The rise of social media has attracted marketers who always track avenues that promote consumer decision-making and purchase (DiMicco, et al 2009). In turn, Mexico Electronica has integrated organizational strategies through the use of dedicated IT marketers that use major platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Bebo to facilitate interaction between the company, its products, customers and potential customers.

The social network has in turn promoted better community relationship management and developing intimate social relationships with many customers. However, Mexico Electronica, it has noted that it cannot achieve the same level of intimacy with all its potential customers through these social networking platforms. In turn, it has attracted a community of users and customers that are effective and influential in social media and with them, they are able to market their products and promote new electronics images by having loyal customers who share images with their friends.

There are online customers who track the move and production of new electronics, added features and more capability and they successfully reach those social media users that are outside the sphere of reach through the company marketers. At the end of the day, the company reaches the wider community, even universal through inter-connection. • A Business Activity Model (BAM) diagramThe diagram below not only point to business activities as a model but has task scenarios, hierarchical task modeling, functional decomposition, resource flow, and business rules incorporate together.

The diagram offers a pictorial representation that helps us to see the requirements, focus and areas of concern, how the system is put into perspective and how client needs are attended to. As Gordijn, Akkermans & Van Vliet 2000) observes, a Business Activity Model is meant to increase participation, encourage users to own the system and make it efficient to adopt a future system. Fig 2.0: Business Activity Modelling (Adopted from: Gordijn, Akkermans & Van Vliet 2000). The plan enables actions, reveals expectations and interdependence within the organization, monitoring and ensuring effective feedback.

As seen, one business activity triggers the other and so does it trigger particular roles. For instance, an order placed through a sales representative triggers the finance department to produce invoices that are later submitted to the warehouse. Customer care works at the point and interconnects to ensure that the customer is aware of the thread through which the processing of the order is. Distribution and transit management then arises. As previously discussed, a chain of activities occurs from manufacturing to the point where the consumer receives the final product and services.

The tasks are not only completed at once but maybe broken down into tasks that are later reconstructed to ensure better service. A dispatch clerk receives the order placed by a customer through the marketing department, arranges for dispatch details, checking of files, allocation of appropriate stock, forwarding details to dispatch and assemble goods and services. A similar process work s with the delivery of electronics to the retailers or to those who order through online sales platforms.

• Technology choice(s)Faced with a greater need to ensure customer satisfaction, reduce delays in delivery and ensuring a better flow of activities, Mexico Electronica has compiled an electronic record system that assists in the delivery of electronic transactions for sales and marketing as well as the distribution department. The technology was meant to increase efficiency across organization operations and allow the sales representatives to share information, resources and reduce duplication of effort (McAfee 2009). Before sales representatives used to place the handwritten orders to be entered in the inventory and that meant that it would take long before delivery.

However, the new technology incorporated in the sales and marketing department promotes ease of sending and updating of client requests, easy access to the database by finance and warehouse departments to complete orders in a faster manner and reduce the workload in the department. Secondly, technological focus has promoted the advancement of online stores and mobile payment systems. Through the company’ s online store, it can connect with customers who use their personal computers or smartphones at their comfort places for promotion, sales and transactions.

More customers have in turn moved online and interact with the company directly without having to visit the retailers. Technology has focused on security for the payment system, instant feedback and tracing where customers are who use both e-commerce and m-commerce.


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