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The paper "Global Motors Plans in Marketing" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The aim of this case study was to determine the differences and association in desirability measures of each of the five automobiles among the respondents sampled. This included the establishment of the demographic factors, with the highest desirability measure for each of the five automobiles that Global motors intend to market, and the subsequent determination of the possible relationships between these demographic factors and the various media that Global motors can use to advertise each of the five automobiles.

For this study, difference and association analysis were used to explore the level of desirability for the different automobiles. This facilitated the study to establish the target market for each of the five automobiles that Global motors plan to market. Furthermore, quantitative research methods which included correlation analysis was also undertaken with the aim of determining the nature and strength of the relationship between individuals with different lifestyles and their use of social media and network sites. This research established the 1-Seat all-electric and the 5-Seat standard size gasoline automobiles as the most desirable automobiles among male consumers, the 4-Seat all-electric, 4-Seat gasoline hybrid and 5-Seat diesel hybrid automobiles to be more desirable among the female consumers.

In addition, the consumers who are not married, as well as those consumers in towns or cities with a population of 1 million and more, have higher desirability for the 1-Seat all-electric and 4-Seat all-electric automobiles. Consumers aged between 25 and 34 years have higher desirability for the 4-Seat all-electric and 4-Seat gasoline hybrid automobiles, while consumers age 65 years and above prefer the 5-Seat standard size gasoline automobile. Association between demographic factors affecting the desirability of each of the five automobile and media usage was also evaluated.

The case study established that the age category of an individual has a significant influence on the favorite radio genre the individual. The level of education was also established to greatly influence the favorite television show and newspaper section of and individual. In addition, the income of an individual was found to influence the choice of the favorite magazine type of individual. The findings of this study also indicate that there is a relationship between lifestyle and the use of social media and network sites.

According to this case study, individuals who consider themselves innovators use social media and network sites more frequently. Generally, the sample data used for this case study was adequately large and fairly representative, hence, the results can be considered adequately reliable to use for decision making.   Introduction Consumer taste and preference have been a subject of great interest amongst market researchers recently. This is because it seeks to establish the consumer behaviour associated with different commodities in the market including automobiles.

Therefore, the stakeholders in the automobile industry can make use of the established consumer tastes, desires and preferences to identify and choose the best marketing approach to employ when marketing their automobile. In addition, the demographic factors associated with the consumer tastes and preferences can help in the determination of the target market segments for the respective automobiles that a motor company need to focus on when marketing each of its automobiles (Alvarez & Casielles, 2005). The determination of the preferred media usage of each of the established target market is also essential.

Subsequently, this would enable the application of effective marketing strategies in the marketing each automobile that a motor company deals with. The approach used for the study is a majorly quantitative research approach, a study approach which seeks to provide better understanding and insights into the consumer desirability for a various automobile that Global motors plan to market.



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