Essays on Usefulness of Special Stains in Making Diagnosis by Pathologists Essay

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The paper "The Usefulness of Special Stains in Making Diagnosis by Pathologists" is an outstanding example of an essay on health sciences and medicine. Pathologists carry out a complex diagnosis in terms of histology and pathology (Ramos-Vara & Miller, 2014). No matter how high the clinical suspicion index is, the diagnosis cannot be conclusively established or safely assumed in the absence of any tissue diagnosis. Therefore, in the task of the pathologists to give a specific, accurate and sufficiently comprehensive diagnosis, it is significant to diagnose each tissue. Hence, how do the special stains and IHC aid the pathologists in making the diagnosis? In Immunohistochemistry (IHC), pathologists use both the IHC counterstains and special stains for a diagnosis (Kiernan, 2008).

The counterstains give immunodetection to enhance the primary label visualization or stain the specific structures. Both fluorescent and chromogenic counterstains are available. Special stains are important in non-routine immunohistochemical staining for the specific cells, organisms, and tissues identification. Moreover, they are also useful in evaluating the state of the disease and in cell biology and histology. For instance, the Alcian Blue (pH 1.0) Stain Kit, stains mucins for the visualization of strongly sulfated mucosubstances.

Giema Stain Kit (May Grunwald) is a Hematologic stain used in visualizing hematopoietic tissues and other microorganisms (Joyner & Wall, 2008). Additionally, through innovative H& E solutions, IHC and special stains, digital pathology, and advanced workflow empower laboratory professions and anatomic pathologists to maximize testing efficiency. The integrated, intuitive slide staining and management of workflow platforms optimize the laboratory operations to reduce errors, inform treatment pathology and support diagnosis for anatomic pathology professionals. ConclusionTherefore, from the discussion, it is evident that both special stains and IHC are significant in aiding pathologists in making their diagnosis.

They are important as they help them to maximize testing efficiency.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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