Essays on Using Human Beings As Human Resources Inside A Balance Scorecard Is Ethical Or Not Ethical Assignment

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Using Human Beings as Human Resources Inside a Balance Scorecard is Ethical or not Ethical? AbstractHuman beings play a crucial role in any organization despite the fact that they are not perfect and tend to make mistakes in their every day activities. Since human beings are very important towards successful operation of any organization, the key question which arises here is “whether using Human Beings as Human Resources inside a Balance Scorecard is Ethical or not ethical”? . In relation to the above formulated hypothesis this research study primarily aims at investigating the hypothesis with Toyota motors as the case study for the research.

To clearly analyze the formulated hypothesis various resource materials will be analyzed in relation to the research. To come out with concrete conclusions and recommendation the study additionally will analyze why it’s ethical to include human beings as human resources inside a balance score card by making an analysis of the positive impact they create in the case of Toyota Motors as well as why this company consider it more appropriate to involve them in the entire process. Furthermore, the research will analyze why is unethical to include human beings as resources inside a score balance by evaluating their negative impact in relation to Toyota Motors.

A critically overview of Toyota motors company as well as its employment strategies will be analyzed primarily to give an insight on the role of human resources in any organization and why they are important The research will cover a broad analysis of facts and in which the researcher will finally make a conclusion after reviewing the results of the facts and studies done on this topic. Introduction Human beings play a crucial role in the organization as it is evident that the success of Toyota Motors is entirely dependent on its employees who actually perform the daily organizational activities.

It is quiet evident that without employees then the organizational activities can never be performed adequately (Ferrell, John, & Linda, pp. 120-140, 2009). A balance scorecard therefore is described as an organizational strategic, planning and management system which is normally used broadly in businesses, industries, government as well as nonprofit organizations. The balance score card primarily is used by different organizations to align various business activities to organizational vision, strategy, improving overall internal and external communications and monitoring organizational performance in relation to strategic goals (Kaplan & Norton, 71-79, 1992).

Given the fact that organizational strategy development involves use human beings as key factors then it indicates that it is ethical to involve human beings as human resources in the development of a balance scorecard. On other hand some organizations may consider it as unethical to include them as resources inside a balance score card as result of their inconsistent behavior and selfishness (Anthony, Robert & Mark, 2004).

Ethical considerations are very important in business hence it is always necessary that they be consistent with organizational pursuits especially profit maximization. The study will analyze business ethics in relation employee’s behavior in Toyota Company and what role it plays in the organization. Ethics is usually described as the principles of conduct governing an individual’s character or behavior. It is therefore evident that business ethics primarily concentrate on the moral standards which apply to business policies as well as employee behavior.

Human beings are key resources in an organization since they act as key factors towards organizational success hence necessary that an organization puts in place business ethics to govern their own behavior.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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